The machinery used to make the MACADAY line of chocolate bars is for sale. It could be used to make any muesli bar type product.

1. CONTINUOUS COOKER - the ingredients are fed in one end continuously, stirred and cooked, then pushed out the other end.

2. MOULDER. Cooked product is dropped and spread into molds to form bars, then punched out when they are cooled.

3. COOLING TUNNEL Bars are further cooled by an air-conditioner located in the ceiling. Air is re-circulated via flexible ducting.

4. CURVED CONEYOR carries the bars through a 900 turn.

5. BOTTOMER Melted chocolate is pushed up through wire conveyor to coat the bottom of the product.

6. COOLING CONVEYOR. This conveyor passes over a chilled compartment which sets the chocolate.

7. CHOCOLATE ENROBER totally covers (enrobes) product with chocolate, excess chocolate is vibrated off.

8. COOLING TUNNEL As the product passes through the tunnel the chocolate is set by cold air from an air-conditioner.

Also available: Cold room. Stainless steel benches and sinks

MACADAMIA BAR production equipment
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