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Information for New and Potential Investors 2017

The Australian macadamia industry is an exciting, proactive and open industry that continues to grow in size (tonnage and hectares) and value (farm gate price and capital value of orchards).

If you’re considering becoming a macadamia grower, and/or investing in the industry, the Australian  Macadamia Society (AMS) is here to help you. We are the peak industry body of over 700 Australian members representing all facets of the macadamia industry in Australia.

We regularly get enquiries from people who are considering establishing or purchasing a macadamia orchard and need guidance or more information in making the decision.

This information booklet provides an outline on the current state of the industry, and includes insights into global markets, domestic production, statistics, trends and much more. Hopefully it will provide you with the answers to our most commonly asked questions, and help you understand the opportunities and challenges.

This booklet assumes a ‘base level’ of knowledge on the production aspects of the industry (bearing age and growing conditions for example). If you require additional information, visit the ‘About’ section on this website (Home page – top left corner) where you’ll find useful information about the AMS and the industry in general.

Please review the booklet, and then contact us to find out more about becoming an AMS member. Membership will give you access to a wide range of detailed resources, research, events and activities all aimed at helping to improve your bottom line.

Call us on FREECALL 1800 262 426 (Australia only) or 61 2 6622 4933 (international enquiries) or email office@macadamias.org.

Find out about the Australian macadamia industry by downloading the information booklet now.

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