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PROPTEC™ specializes in the supply of horticultural products and substrates. From young plant production through to transplant. All your propagation needs. With quality brands like ELLEPOT Australia, PropteK, Quick Plug, Oasis Grower Solutions, Jiffy, GreenTerra, Terrafibre, Blackmore Company, there is something there for all professional growers.

PROPTEC ™ a horticultural propagation supply company based in South East Queensland that specialises in The Ellepot System for sustainable propagation, also distributing Quick Plugs, who develop and manufacture stabilised substrates for young plant, the latest in trays for propagation, other substrates used from the propagating stage through to the finished pot. Our customers range from the Green life Industry Australia, including production nurseries, landscaping and other in amenity horticulture and commercial Fruit & Nut propagation orchards growers, through to cut flower and hydroponic producers. There is no “magic bullet” when it comes to propagation and it is for this reason you will find several options, each with their own unique properties to suit your individual application. PROPTEC™ is the Australia distributors for the Ellepot sustainable propagation systems. With over three billion Ellepots produced worldwide per year, in sizes ranging from 15mm to 120mm, there is a solution suitable for whatever your crop maybe. If you are looking for the total in house production system, then look no further that the Ellepot system, we offer Ellepot machinery, papers, trays, and service. Ellepot Australia available from Prop

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