Australian macadamia crop modelling predicts increased 2023 crop

The 2023 Australian macadamia crop is predicted to reach 60,000 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture (64,400 tonnes in-shell @ 10% moisture), according to a climate-based forecast produced using scientific modelling developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.*

This is an increase from last year’s crop of 52,974 tonnes in-shell @3.5% moisture (56,800 tonnes in-shell @10% moisture).

Australian Macadamia Society CEO Clare Hamilton-Bate says, “We are seeing some regional variation in the forecast, with the Bundaberg region continuing to increase as a large number of new plantings come into bearing whilst Northern Rivers production remains consistent with prior years, pre-flood.”

“However, it’s still very early days, and there is a degree of uncertainty about the 2023 crop, including the impact varied weather conditions during flowering may have on crop size in different regions,” said Ms Hamilton-Bate.

“It is also likely that the 2023 Australian macadamia harvest will be impacted by current economic pressures on growers and the wider industry.”

This model-based forecast is an early estimate and will be further refined as the harvest gets underway in the coming months.

A mid-season crop report will be provided in May/June 2023.

*The project ‘Macadamia Crop Forecasting’ has been funded by Hort Innovation using the macadamia industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.

For further information contact: Clare Hamilton-Bate, CEO Australian Macadamia Society

M: 0407 930 586 | E: clare.hamiltonbate@macadamias.org 

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