MCT1: Licensed nurseries (October 2020)

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Fact Sheet

MCT1 is a high-performing new macadamia variety, described in AMS Factsheet MCT1: New Elite Macadamia Variety.

MCT1 is protected under the Plant Breeder Rights Act 1994 and a royalty must be paid on every new tree produced. Growers who propagate their own material must also pay a royalty on each tree.

MCT1 is easily confused with variety M500 which does not perform as well as MCT1.

MCT1 scions from source trees that have been authenticated by DNA testing are made available to selected nurseries that have signed a non-propagation agreement and are licensed to produce and sell MCT1.


Nursery propagation licensing enquiries

Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC) manages intellectual property and commercial aspects of MCT1: licencing nurseries, collecting royalties and enforcing variety ownership compliance.

Contact: Dr Gavin Porter
P: 07 3491 9905
F: 07 3491 9929

Nurseries licensed to produce new elite variety MCT1

(as at October 2020)



Contact the Macadamia Conservation Trust

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M: 0488 432 226

E: wild@macadamias.org

W: www.wildmacadamias.org.au

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