CCC Macadamia Research Update (Ballina)

The Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) Macadamia Research Update will focus on macadamia orchard nutrient and erosion management.

Key morning presentations at the Ballina Surf Club will include: 

  • Nut Nutrition - how macadamia varieties have different nutrient requirements - Jeremy Bright, DPI Macadamia Development Officer
  • Reducing Excess Nutrient & Erosion Losses – a practical perspective  - Alan Coates – Coates Horticulture 
  • Mulch trial research results - Justine Cox – DPI researcher and Bill Johnstone – grower & mulch consultant
  • Fertcare plant sampling guide - Jeff Kraak – Fertilizer Australia 

Afternoon Farm Walk sessions will feature:  

  • Managing macadamias on steep slopes - Lyndsay Bryan, Kerogen Farm Manager  
  • Mulch trial research results and practical industry observations - Justine Cox, DPI researcher and Bill Johnstone, grower & mulch consultant 
  • Monitoring fertiliser nutrients on farm, where do they go?  Shane White, Southern Cross University & CCC researcher 

Following morning presentations at the Ballina Surf Club, participants will be bussed to a farm research site at Brooklet to view CCC mulch trials  in action and hear from Farm Manager & CCC research partner, Lyndsey Bryen, on the challenges of growing macadamias on steep slopes.  

Participants will be returned to the Ballina Surf Club car park by 3.30 pm.  

RSVP by Wed 12 October 2022 to email:  ccc.info@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Please advise re special dietary requirements. For more information phone Meg Strang on 

02 6391 3595.

The CCC project is funded through the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy to help landholders keep sediment and nutrients on farm and out of coastal waterways, while supporting profitable and sustainable agriculture.

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Event Details
Gawandi Room, Ballina Surf Life Saving Club 1 Lighthouse Parade, East Ballina 2478
20 October 2022
8.30am - 3.30pm

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