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Botryosphaeria dieback (March 2021 MacGroup)

2021 | Akinsanmi F | Presentation

If left unchecked, the disease Botryosphaeria (which is becoming more prevalent in macadamia) can kill trees. Symptoms are first seen in late Spring, becoming more evident by mid to late Summer. Susceptible cultivars are A203 and 849. Dr. Akinsanmi outlined the specific conditions/time when spores are abundant, as well as control measures.

Scarab beetle infestation causing slow tree decline

2020 | NSW DPI, Bright J | Fact Sheet

Scarab beetles are present in all macadamia growing regions of Australia. Reports of scarab beetles in the 2013–14 macadamia season and again in 2017 and now 2020 suggest that they appear to be a dry weather pest or at least a pest that is seen most when dry conditions prevail.

Macadamia Plant Protection Guide 2020-21, NSW DPI Management Guide

2020 | Bright J | Manual/guide

This 6th edition of the NSW Macadamia plant protection guide aims to provide commercial macadamia growers with up-to-date information on all aspects of protecting your orchard from pests and diseases.

Tank mixing agricultural chemicals

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society, Kojetin L, Whitten M | Fact Sheet

When done correctly, mixing different chemicals in the same spray tank is a good way of reducing the number of spray operations needed and of saving costs. When done incorrectly, however, it can result in incompatibility issues leading to poor results or a big mess to clean out of your tank, filters, screens, nozzles and lines, or both.

Botryosphaeria Branch Dieback (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Akinsanmi F | Presentation

Associate Professor Olufemi Akinsanmi discussed branch dieback and whether this was caused by Botryosphaeria or the recent droughts.

Pests prevalent in dry conditions (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | NSW DPI, Bright J, Huwer R, Maddox C | Presentation

How does the pest profile for macadamias change with consistently dry weather? Which pests are more prevalent in these long hot and dry seasons and how do we manage them?

Ethepon in drought affected orchards (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter discusses the current climate changes facing the macadamia industry and the implications for agriculture for more broadly.

Macadamia nut borer

2020 | Bright J | Fact Sheet

This NSW DPI fact sheet discusses identification, damage and management of macadamia nut borer.

Using ethepon in macadamias

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The number of macadamia growers using ethephon (e.g. Ethrel) is increasing as they discover its benefits in shortening the harvest season and enabling better orchard management. Those experienced in successfully using ethephon caution that attention must be paid to a range of important factors. This fact sheet explains how ethephon works and outlines the latest information on using ethephon, based on grower experience and research in Australia and South Africa.

Fruit spotting bug in macadamia

2020 | Bright J | Fact Sheet

The macadamia industry benchmark report has continually shown that late Fruit Spotting Bug damage is consistently the primary reason for nuts being rejected at factory stage. Read this NSW DPI fact sheet for info on life cycle, monitoring and control options.

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