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Mistletoe and macadamias

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is becoming an issue in macadamia orchards, especially in the NSW Northern Rivers, and in the Gympie, Bundaberg and Rockhampton regions in Queensland. This fact sheet includes key facts about mistletoe and mistletoe birds, growth habit and how it is spread, predisposing factors to infection and management options.

Beneficial insects and mites in Australia and New Zealand

2018 | Anon | Presentation

A poster with photos and names of beneficial insects and mites in Australia and New Zealand.

Macadamia Orchard Spraying - Jim Patch (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Patch J | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation detailing spraying technology and how to get the best results

Managing rodents in Australian macadamia orchards (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Elmouttie D | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation describing management of rodents in Australian macadamia orchards

Phytophthora in macadamia

2018 | Akinsanmi F | Fact Sheet

Diseases caused by Phytophthora are common in macadamia, reduce orchard productivity and should be controlled.

Farm biosecurity

2018 | Anon | Fact Sheet

The best defence against pests and diseases is to implement sound biosecurity practices on your farm.

Flower blights in macadamias

2018 | Akinsanmi F | Fact Sheet

Husk Spot in macadamia

2018 | Akinsanmi F | Fact Sheet

Husk spot, caused by a fungal pathogen Pseudocercospora macadamiae, is a major disease of macadamia in Australia and should be controlled. The fungus may persist in diseased old husks (sticktights) for over 2 years. The spores are most effectively spread by rain-splash from diseased sticktights to green husks.

Developing an effective spray program

2017 | Anon | Case Study

The AMS contracted Jorg as a presenter for the July 2017 round of IPDM-focused MacGroups. The following article is an interview with Jorg and a summary of his presentation and its key message which is coverage is critical.

Timing the key with IPDM

2017 | Commens R | Case Study

Timing was “one of the most important aspects” of their IPDM program and meant the difference between a good crop and a great crop. Jason Klotz describes his approach to IPDM.

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