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Tank mixing agricultural chemicals

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society, Kojetin L, Whitten M | Fact Sheet

When done correctly, mixing different chemicals in the same spray tank is a good way of reducing the number of spray operations needed and of saving costs. When done incorrectly, however, it can result in incompatibility issues leading to poor results or a big mess to clean out of your tank, filters, screens, nozzles and lines, or both.

Macadamia tree water relations

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Video

In September 2019, macadamia water use experts Dr. Dan Manson (from Australia) and Dr. Theunis Smit (from South Africa) presented a series of Macadamia Tree Water Relations workshops to Australian macadamia growers. In this video, Dan and Theunis summarise the key learnings from those workshops.

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Fleming G, Epplett N, Akinsanmi F, Maddox C, Trueman S, Wallace H, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Fuller C, Halcroft M, Hall M, Allison C, Maginnity S, Hibbert P, Koch N, Deane K, Moosberger P | News Bulletin

This edition includes a special pollination feature with some stunning images. There are articles from researchers on the importance of pollination, the potential impacts of Varroa mite on the industry, bee foraging behaviour, and results of preliminary research on when best to deploy hives in your orchard. For growers with bee hives, Steve Maginnity shares some practical tips on caring for your hives, and Chris Fuller explains what a tough season it’s been for bees.

Making healthy compost on the farm

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a general guide to thermophilic composting, i.e. composting where the rapid breakdown of organic material produces heat and sterilises seed and pathogens.

Buying in composts for orchards

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

Whether you buy your compost from a supplier or make your own, there are important fundamentals to ensuring that it is of high quality and does not contain contaminants that could infect your nuts or the health of the orchard or both. This fact sheet summarises compost standards, what to ask your supplier, guidelines for storing compost and more.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Bright J, Epplett N, Jones K, Mulo S, Bignell G, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Nock C, Porter G, Smith J, Langdon K, Shephard C | News Bulletin

Drought, fire, floods – we’ve had them all! The drenching summer rains have been very welcome and it seems like the drought has finally broken. But it’s inevitable that we will experience another drought and the series of articles on drought strategies provide great practical advice on making your orchard more resilient. There are tips on orchard floor management, canopy management, water use and irrigation. In the lead up to what is likely to be a variable crop, we also provide some ideas on how to deal with small nuts during this harvest season.

Using ethepon in macadamias

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The number of macadamia growers using ethephon (e.g. Ethrel) is increasing as they discover its benefits in shortening the harvest season and enabling better orchard management. Those experienced in successfully using ethephon caution that attention must be paid to a range of important factors. This fact sheet explains how ethephon works and outlines the latest information on using ethephon, based on grower experience and research in Australia and South Africa.

Benchmarking: The impact of environmental conditions on productivity (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | NSW DPI, QDAF | Presentation

The Benchmarking team have compared weather station data with production data in each growing region to unveil the trends

Botryosphaeria Branch Dieback (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Akinsanmi F | Presentation

Associate Professor Olufemi Akinsanmi discussed branch dieback and whether this was caused by Botryosphaeria or the recent droughts.

Macadamia physiology and nut quality (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter has completed extensive research on South African orchards during challenging climatic seasons and led numerous research trials to improve on-farm practices which directly impact kernel quality and post-harvest efficiency.

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