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AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2019

2019 | Bond D, Currey A, Bright J, Boote M, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Hofman H, Toegel H, Hunt T, Mackinlay S | News Bulletin

Harvest efficiency feature
Elevating food and life with macadamias: 2019 consumer campaign kicks off (Ziehlke)
The top 18 macadamia product innovations of 2018 (Ziehlke)
Comparison of early growth and yield from Beaumont and H2 rootstocks (Hoffman, Toegel)
Mistletoe: no cause for celebration in macadamias (Currey)
Macadamia Conservation Trust. Conservation Roundup (Bond)
Trade wars - and implications for Australian agriculture (Hunt)
China; crouching dragon or paper tiger? (Burnett)
Incorporating indoxacarb in IPM programs paying dividends for Northern Rivers growers (Bright)

AMS News Bulletin Spring 2018

2018 | Kojetin L, Bond D, Currey A, Boote M, Kaddatz B, Akinsanmi F, Broadley R, Ziehlke L, Patch J, Howlett B, Mhlanga D | News Bulletin

Integrated pest and disease management feature
Numbers in for Year 1 of CTH IPDM trial (Huwer, Maddox, Bright, Hickey)
Paternity testing in the orchard: who is fathering the nuts? (Langdon, Nock)
Advancing the timing of first commercial harvest using trunk girdling (Thorp, Smith)
Pioneer’s orchard reaps rewards of innovation (Boote)
Macadamias in Vietnam – a snapshot (Kaddatz)
New DAF macadamia varieties: where do I get them? (Broadley)
Artificial wetland the real deal in controlling run-off (Bertolo)

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2018

2018 | Mhlanga D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Currey A, Boote M, Kaddatz B, Akinsanmi F, MacDonald J, Ziehlke L, Elmouttie D, Chamberlain A, O'Brien B | News Bulletin

Technologies for the orchard feature
Indoxacarb - a new option for macadamia seed weevil management (Maddox, Huwer)
Macadamia high health nursery stock certification (MacDonald)
Pollen-parent affects nut size, kernel size and kernel recovery of macadamia (Herbert, Walton, Wallace)
Managing diseases in orchards: start clean, stay healthy and stay safe (Akinsanmi)
Integrated system key to rodent control in orchards (Elmouttie)
Storm wreaks havoc in south-east growing region (Boote)
10 years on, what is the Australian Macadamia Handlers Association and what does it do? (Lee)
Production potential or pipe dream? (Kaddatz)
Macadamia Conservation Trust: New Macadamia jansenii population found (Bond)

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2018

2018 | Erasmus J, Currey A, Bright J, Fleming G, Kaddatz B, Bell D, McConachie I, Broadley R, Ziehlke L, Zapp J, Kojetin L, Hill S, Bond D, Shofner R | News Bulletin

Improving productivity and efficiency feature
Sampling plant tissue for nutrient analysis (Hill)
Improving productivity through technology (Erasmus)
Tree planting: mechanical solution at hand (Currey)
Investment in irrigation pays off in production and quality (Kojetin)
Blockchain - what's in it for macadamia growers?
Getting to know macadamia lace bug first step to management (Shofner)
Macadamia innovation challenge and new bakery research boost marketing strategy (Ziehlke)
New varieties released
Dieback in NSW orchards (Bright)


2018 | - | Research report/article

Prepared by the Queensland Strawberry Growers’ Association (QSGA), Master Licensee for new macadamia varieties...

Farm Biosecurity - Macadamia brochure

2018 | - | Fact Sheet

The best defence against pests and diseases is to implement sound biosecurity practices on your farm.

Beneficial insects and mites in Australia and New Zealand

2018 | Anon | Presentation

A poster with photos and names of beneficial insects and mites in Australia and New Zealand.

Macadamia Orchard Spraying - Jim Patch (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Patch J | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation detailing spraying technology and how to get the best results

Managing rodents in Australian macadamia orchards (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Elmouttie D | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation describing management of rodents in Australian macadamia orchards

Macadamia pollination: What to do? (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Howlett B, Evans L | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation details the latest research on macadamia pollination

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