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How on-farm handling can impact macadamia quality (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Wallace H | Video

Do you have capacity to hold and dry nuts on farm if there are delays or difficulties within the delivery system this season? At the February 2023 AMS MacGroup, post-harvest specialist Prof. Helen Wallace (Griffith University) outlined what we know about brown centres, on-farm post-harvest handling, and importantly how post-harvest handling impacts quality defects.

Driving demand for Australian macadamias in 2023 (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Price J | Video

With 80% of macadamias exported and global supply now increasing at a faster rate than demand, generating additional demand for macadamias is now more critical than ever. At the MacGroup, Australian Macadamias’ market development manager Jacqui Price outlined how the Australian macadamia marketing program is working to increase the use of Australian grown macadamias as an ingredient and inspiring consumers to experience our native nut.

Navigating a challenging season – Grower discussions (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society, QDAF | Video

At the February 2023 AMS MacGroups, local growers and industry representatives who had experienced challenging seasons in the past shared how they managed, what worked and what didn’t, how to rationalise your operations, what to prioritise and how to maximise efficiencies and make adjustments across all aspects of production including nutrition, harvest management, labour and post-harvest handling.

Australian macadamia industry benchmarking insights 2022-2027 (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society, QDAF | Video

At the February 2023 AMS MacGroups, the QDAF Benchmarking team (Shane Mulo and Grant Bignell) provided an overview of benchmarking results and trends from previous seasons and what these mean for growers.

MacAlert March 2023

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Wet weather has been perfect breeding conditions for insects such as moths that can impacts flush and nuts. • Are you seeing signs of thrip and mite or monolepta beetle damage on new flush? Chat to your consultant about whether control is required. • Rats control relies on proactively keeping the population down. • Phytophthora translated to it’s original Greek means “plant destroyer”. Now is the time to assess it’s impact in your orchard with a new, simple severity scale. • Long term productivity relies on consistent nutrition but low farm gate prices may mean you need adjustments. • Orchard floor preparation is not the only clean up required prior to harvest, infrastructure cleaning is required. • There are major benefits to completing a crop loss assessment on all loads coming into the shed. • Are there ways to reduce your harvest period and set the orchard up for the following season sooner? • Don’t miss the deadline for grant applications and fund acquittals.

Assessing Phytophthora slow decline in macadamia severity scale

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society, University of Queensland | Fact Sheet

A quick view severity scale as a guide to assist in assessing Phytophthora slow decline in macadamia.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2023

2023 | Lerch G, Moosberger P, Kojetin L, Bond D, Boote M, Burton D, Hardner C, Topp B, Daley R, Bignell G, Russell D, Hanan J, Price J, de Faveri J, Alam M, Elley S, Binns G, Auzmendi I | News Bulletin

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MacAlert February 2023

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include : • Spotting bug. Late season damage is only fully revealed in consignment reports. Damage is worse in thin-shelled cultivars and following rain. • Macadamia Nut borer (MNB). Like many pests, MNB is triggered with warm, wet weather. Damage appears as 2-3 mm holes at the top of shells. • Botryosphaeria branch dieback. We’ve been hearing more about this disease because it is causing increasing damage in many tree species. Infection symptoms are obvious in summer. • If the orchard has experienced prolonged summer rain and/or a heavy crop, you may need to adjust your nutrition program. • Finish pre-harvest clean-up ensuring minimal old nut, sticks and debris remain on the orchard floor. • Download the AMS Harvest Checklist and Grower Harvest Tips. • Are you concerned about how to prioritise inputs and adjust operations for the season ahead? RSVP for the AMS MacGroup events.

MacAlert January 2023

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Spotting Bugs. Although shells have hardened, damage is still possible and will be worse after rain. • Leptocoris. More Leptocoris have been found in orchards. We don’t know if this is due to population surges or better late season (knockdown) monitoring. • Macadamia Nut Borer. MaxTrix wasp releases should continue into January. This is particularly important if you have thin shelled cultivars. • Is it Husk spot or Husk rot? They need to be dealt with differently. • Water requirements are now at their maximum, but most regions have ample water in the soil profile. • Have a plan in place to deal with storm damage to the orchard and infrastructure. • Start preparing for preharvest clean-up. Orchard floor fanatics make more money. • This won’t be a “usual” season with regard to nut deliveries. Ensure you have plans in place and adequate storage options.

MacAlert December 2022

2022 | Australian Macadamia Society | Manual/guide

Key messages this month include: • Macadamia Nut Borer (MNB), keep monitoring for MNB eggs. It is critical in December to release MacTrix and understand its' limitations. • Spotting bugs, keep monitoring by examining fallen nuts for evidence of damage and then swapping to in tree monitoring. • If you have trees younger than four years that may not be bearing, remember they can be affected by pests that will hamper growth. • There is nutritional demand to support both spring flush and developing nuts. • Storm season is here again, and you will need to be prepared to deal with any orchard damage. • Benchmarking data collection is underway for the 2022 season. • Start a conversation with your processor. With global and potential domestic oversupply, many things will be different to what is “usual”.

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