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Anemometers, wind meters and weather stations

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The AMS recommends that all growers have a functioning anemometer that can measure wind speed and direction, store data over time and download the logged data to your smartphone or laptop or automatically upload online, allowing you to check live the current conditions. This fact sheet outlines some of the varieties available on the market.

IPM Program Update- NSW DPI (June 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | NSW DPI | Presentation

Presentation by NSW DPI entomologists Ruth Huwer and Craig Maddox that provides an update on the current NSW DPI integrated pest management (IPM) research and a summary of pest trends and monitoring outcomes for the current season.

AMS Update - Leoni Kojetin (June 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | Kojetin L | Presentation

Presentation by AMS industry development manager Leoni Kojetin which includes an overview of the current Australian macadamia industry integrated pest & disease management (IPDM) research projects, as well as crop protection updates and new registrations.

Disease Management & Root Health - Femi Akinsanmi (June 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | Akinsanmi F | Presentation

Presentation by Femi Akinsanmi which explains how improving your soil health will reduce pathogen infections, increase your production and improve your orchard's resilience. Also includes a disease management update on current trials and control options for key orchard diseases like flower blight and husk spot.

Pruning and Competition in Macadamia - John Wilkie/Hanna Toegel (June 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | Wilkie J, Toegel H | Presentation

Presentation by QDAF horticulturist John Wilkie and honours student Hanna Tougel on pruning and competition in macadamia, which is part of the Small Tree High Productivity initiative. Includes an update on recent trials.

Rat control: an integrated regional approach

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society, Elmouttie D | Fact Sheet

Rats are a major issue for the macadamia industry, with up to 30% of the crop being lost in some years. As our knowledge of orchard systems and rat behaviour has improved, strategies for their management have changed. It is important that growers develop and follow a rodent management program.

Managing macadamia seed weevil

2019 | Bright J, Australian Macadamia Society, Maddox C | Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines the latest information on an integrated approach for controlling macadamia seed weevil, a serious pest of macadamia orchards.

New nursery tree standards

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

A research project to develop a macadamia industry tree stock standard has identified 11 key characteristics to look for when buying tree stock. These include that trees are true to type, are of uniform size, have straight stems and are free of shoots and suckers below the graft.

Husk spot in macadamia

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society, Akinsanmi F | Fact Sheet

Husk spot is a serious disease of macadamias that occurs in all growing regions and is caused by a fungal pathogen. This fact sheet describes an integrated management strategy based on the disease cycle and good orchard hygiene.

MCT1: new elite macadamia variety

2019 | Bond D | Fact Sheet

MCT1 is a high-yielding Macadamia integrifolia variety consistently producing 42 to 50% kernel recovery. It was selected from a seedling progeny trial planted in 1982 and has been evaluated over the past 25 years. It is protected under the Plant Breeder Rights Act as MCT1 and is only available from licensed nurseries.

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