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Here, you will find resources on sorting, kernel assessment and storage, and post-harvest care, all perfect for new and existing growers, farm managers and other industry representatives.

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Kernel Assessment Manual

In order to achieve a more objective testing method across....

$48.00 (Normal Price)

$40.00 (AMS Member)

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Nut In shell Sorting Guide

Use this handy wall poster, reproduced in colour, as a....

$42.00 (Normal Price)

$35.00 (AMS Member)

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Kernel Sorting Guide

This colourful wall poster is a guide to assessing kernel....

$66.00 (Normal Price)

$55.00 (AMS Member)

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Macadamia Grower’s Handbook

Whether you are a new grower or an old hand,....

$79.20 (Normal Price)

$66.00 (AMS Member)

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TJ's Nutcracker

When you want to crack nuts, TJ’s nutcracker is the....

$99.00 (Normal Price)

$88.00 (AMS Member)

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