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Macadamia virtual field walk

2022 | Topp B, Alam M, QDAF | Research report/Update

In May of 2022 QDAF hosted a virtual field walk showcasing the macadamia rootstock trial and phase II of the macadamia planting systems trial.

Managing storm damage (Dec 2021 MacGroup)

2021 | Searle C | Research report/Update

With the summer storm season upon us, growers are urged to manage risks and minimise the negative effects of unpredictable weather events. But when an orchard sustains storm damage, how do you prioritise the clean-up and give damaged trees the best chance of recovering? Dr Chris Searle provides triage guidance for young and established orchards following severe weather, as well as preventative measures to mitigate damage.

Tree row removal case study

2014 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

NSW grower Guido Conte discusses how removing a whole row on one of the blocks on his farm has impacted the block and also production trends before and after the row removal.

Tree removal strategy at Tweebrena farm

2012 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Greg Jones discusses how removing trees in crowded parts of his Wollongbar orchard has improved light penetration, helped the spread of ground covers and increased new growth inside the canopies. Greg explains and demonstrates tree removal, and discusses the costs, results and problems associated with tree removal.

Tree removal research update

2012 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Lisa McFadyen from NSW DPI provides an update on research on tree removal in macadamia.

Tree removal at Victoria Park

2011 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Warren Elvery of Victoria Park Plantations at Alstonville in northern New South Wales talks about his tree removal program in orchards planted on a 7 metre by 4 metre spacing. Warren describes the process of moving to a 7 metre by 8 metre spacing by removing trees from about the age of 10 years.

Unlocking the secrets to high orchard productivity - the Small Tree High Productivity Initiative

2017 | Queensland Agriculture | Video

The Small Tree High Productivity Initiative involves a team of 35 scientists, working towards transforming the efficiency and productivity of avocado, macadamia and mango orchards.

Tree height reduction to maintain productivity

2017 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Rick Paine and Bill Johnstone have undertaken a tree height reduction strategy on Merraldan farm in Alstonville New South Wales. Bill discusses their strategy for maintaining yield while progressively reducing tree height.

Graeme Fleming's canopy management strategy

2014 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Highly experienced macadamia industry Graeme Fleming discusses his limb removal management strategy for mature orchards.

Tree training advances in the apple industry

2012 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Dr Simon Middleton from DAFF Queensland discusses advances in canopy management and tree training systems in the apple industry over the last 30 years and the implications for macadamia.

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