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Macadamia pollination: What to do? (2018 MacGroup)

2018 | Howlett B, Evans L | Presentation

Powerpoint presentation details the latest research on macadamia pollination

Sugar shaking bees to detect external parasites

2018 | NSW DPI | Fact Sheet

Sugar shaking bees is a method used to detect external parasites, such as varroa mites, tropilaelaps mites and braula fly on European honey bees (Apis mellifera).

Bee management

2018 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

During flowering growers are faced with managing both beneficial insects and pest insects. Beneficial insects are crucial for pollination and are a major asset for industry stakeholders (beekeepers). Flower pest insects, such as lace bug or flower caterpillar, can cause extreme yield losses (from 50-90% losses). These factors combine to create a challenging situation for macadamia growers to manage.

Pollination in macadamia

2018 | Howlett B, Goodwin M | Fact Sheet

Maximise your macadamia crop with better pollination. Many varieties of macadamias produce more nuts when cross pollinated with another variety.

Pollination of macadamia

2017 | Howlett B, Read S, Cutting B, Pattemore D, Cross S, Goodwin M | Presentation

Pollination can affect yields and nut quality • Determine the key pollinating species and their efficiency. • Floral biology • Suggestions to improve macadamia pollination

Varroa Mites

2009 | Somerville D | Fact Sheet

Varroa mites are the most serious pest of honey bees worldwide. This fact sheet summarises the Varroa mite life cycle, signs/symptoms, monitoring and how they spread.

Use of molecular markers in macadamia: managing pllination in orchards

2003 | Vithanage V, O'Connor K, Peace C, Meyers N, Forrester R, McConchie C | Research report/article

While confirming the earlier studies of the advantages of cross pollination, the recent study reveals that there are factors other than pollen compatibility alone that will determine an increased yield. Flowering patterns and the bee behaviour are currently under investigation as they may play a prominent role in ensuring effective pollen flow.

Blossoms, pollination and the activities of bees

2002 | van Niekerk K | Research report/article

The mechanics of pollination and the role of honey bees and other insects in the pollination of macadamias.

Maximising the benefits from cross pollination in macadamia orchards

2002 | Vithanage V, Meyers N, McConchie C | Research report/article

Final Report research Report MC098027

Effect of distance from pollinator row on nut quality

1997 | Gallagher E | Research report/article

Nut samples from 344 up to 11 rows from 246 were assessed for quality. Results show a decline in quality as distance from pollinator row increases.

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