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MC15007 Still Wild about Macadamias - conserving a national icon (Final Report)

2019 | Gould L | Research report/Update

A final report on project (MC15007), Still Wild about Macadamias - conserving a national icon, has just been released. The report details the successful completion of the project, whose objectives were to: • improve understanding and management of the threats to wild macadamia trees • promote and drive the protection and conservation of threatened wild populations • help protect other rainforest flora and fauna, including several threatened species and ecosystems.

Vegetation removal and koalas

2011 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

This information sheet has been developed to assist macadamia farmers in their decision making when it comes to clearing native vegetation near koala habitats. It has been collaboratively produced by the Australian Macadamia Society, Friends of the Koala Inc, Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority and Lismore City Council.

MC10005 Wild about macadamias - conserving a national icon

2014 | Powell M | Research report/Update

Wild macadamias are threatened with extinction over medium- to long-term timeframes due to historical land clearing, invasive vine weeds, pressure from human development and climate change. The 'Wild about Macadamias' (WaM) project was initiated by the Australian macadamia industry and Horticulture Australia Limited in 2010 to implement the key aims of the then recently approved southern Macadamia Species Recovery Plan. The overall objective of the WaM project is to protect wild Macadamia populations from decline, ensure their long-term viability, and raise awareness of flora conservation issues within the community.

Southern Macadamia Species Recovery Plan 2008-2012

2012 | Costello G, Gregory M, Donatiu P | Research report/Update

Contians; Species Description and Taxonomy; Habitat and Distribution; Key actions required for the recovery of southern macadamias include surveying known macadamia populations, negotiating appropriate agreements with landholders to establish greater long-term security for priority areas on private property, providing land managers with the resources to develop and implement management plans for macadamia conservation, establishing an ex-situ conservation program for Macadamia jansenii, identifying gaps in the current understanding of southern macadamia species ecology and commensurate research priorities for conservation, and liaising with State Agencies, Local Authorities and Regional Bodies in order to incorporate macadamia conservation into their biodiversity conservation and natural resource management strategies.

An article on biodiversity

2009 | Bell H | Research report/Update

Wild populations are essential for future breeding programs.

MC06002 Macadamia Recovery Plan

2008 | Donatiu P | Research report/Update

This report provides details about priority measures to undertake each objective in Macadamia Conservation Recovery Plan.

National macadamia germplasm conservation program

2004 | Hardner C, Pisanu P, Boyton S | Research report/Update

Final Report Research Project MC99029

Management of wild macadamia genetic resources

2003 | Pisanu P, Hardner C | Research report/Update

The National Macadamia Germplasm Conservation Project has established ex-situ plantings of macadamia collected from wild populations across the range of the species. These plantations will conserve germplasm independently of the more vulnerable wild populations and provide a basis for the future introduction of germplasm into the macadamia breeding population.

Winning back the macadamia

1996 | O'Neill G | Research report/Update

A general interest article, published in CSIRO's Ecos journal. Discusses the need to conserve the gene pool of macadamias and the project to conserve the germplasm for future breeding of new varieties.

Report on steps to conserve macadamia germplasm

1983 | Sedgley M | Research report/Update

International Board for Plant Genetic Resource (IBPGR) addresses the problems of world-wide germplasm conservation. Macadamia is not on the IBPGR list of priorities (First Macadamia Research Workshop).

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