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Key findings from the China study tour 2013

2015 | Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Video

Kim Jones, Kevin Quinlan and Kim Wilson discuss the key findings from their 2013 study tour of  China.

China; crouching dragon or paper tiger?

2019 | Burnett J | Article

After a visit to China in 2018, Jolyon Burnett, AMS CEO, summarises his insights and possible implications of the rapid growth of the industry in China for the rest of the world, particularly Australia

MC12702 Study tour of the Chinese Macadamia Industry

2014 | Jones K, Wilson K, Quinlan K | Research report/Update

A study tour of the Chinese macadamia industry was undertaken in 2013 by Kim Jones, Kim Wilson, and Kevin Quinlan. All aspects of the industry were investigated including nursery practices, orchards, processing and expected growth. This report details the findings from that tour.

MC09031 Stahmann Farms Macadamia Study Tour

2010 | Genest R | Research report/Update

In May 2010 a party of six members of the Australian macadamia industry visited eastern China to enhance their understanding of the nut processing industry and of the marketplace for nuts in China. This report details the findings and recommendations of that tour.

MC06017 Brazil Study Tour (researchers)

2010 | Jones K, McConchie C, O'Hare P, Albertson P | Research report/Update

Final report on the Brazilian study tour from the researcher's perspective. Details significant presentations at the 3rd International Macadamia Conference as well as observations from the post-conference tour.

INC 2010: China takes on the world

2010 | Burnett J | Research report/Update

Jolyon Burnett, AMS CEO, attended the INC conference in China 2010. This is a brief report on the INC and the processing plants Jolyon was shown through.

MC06007 Brazil Macadamia Study Tour, August 2006

2007 | Quinlan K | Research report/Update

This report details the activities and outcomes from a study tour conducted by members of the Australian macadamia industry to the Brazilian industry in 2006.

Study tour of nut and fruit tree improvement in Europe

2004 | Hardner C | Research report/Update

Final Report Research Project MC03003. This report provides the summary of the outcomes from a study tour of nut and fruit breeding methods in Europe.

World roundup - Paraguay

2003 | Burt D | Research report/Update

Oral presentation to the Second International Macadamia Symposium 2003.

South African data collection

2003 | Lee P | Research report/Update

SAMAC is the supplier of objective information to the South African macadamia industry.

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