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Navigating a challenging season – Grower discussions (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society, QDAF | Video

At the February 2023 AMS MacGroups, local growers and industry representatives who had experienced challenging seasons in the past shared how they managed, what worked and what didn’t, how to rationalise your operations, what to prioritise and how to maximise efficiencies and make adjustments across all aspects of production including nutrition, harvest management, labour and post-harvest handling.

Australian macadamia industry benchmarking insights 2022-2027 (Feb 2023 MacGroup)

2023 | Australian Macadamia Society, QDAF | Video

At the February 2023 AMS MacGroups, the QDAF Benchmarking team (Shane Mulo and Grant Bignell) provided an overview of benchmarking results and trends from previous seasons and what these mean for growers.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2023

2023 | Lerch G, Moosberger P, Kojetin L, Bond D, Boote M, Burton D, Hardner C, Topp B, Daley R, Bignell G, Russell D, Hanan J, Price J, de Faveri J, Alam M, Elley S, Binns G, Auzmendi I | News Bulletin

Driving demand for Australian-grown macadamias is key in 2023
Leoni's orchard rounds (IDM update)
MCT: Visiting wild macadamias on the Gold Coast
New faces on the AMS Board
KLAS audit verifies consistent assessment standards
Varroa mite eradication program continues into 2023
Camera solution for wheel blockages with bespoke tractor
Why growing macadamias sustainably is a future imperative we cannot ignore
Factors affecting total kernel recovery
The agtech going nuts in the macadamia industry
Carbon credits and sustainability
Automated solution for managing feral pigs
Assessing crop loss
Fertiliser program and irrigation keys to quality and productivity for Bundaberg grower
Tree removal rejuvenates older orchard
Award winners share their farming philosophy
Probiotics to help defend crop-pollinating honey bees from common diseases
Growers helping to accelerate the development of new superior cultivars
Does planting macadamia trees at higher density increase yield? Find out what the computer simulation says
2022’s most exciting macadamia product innovations
Celebrity chef creates macadamia masterpieces

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2022

2022 | De Silva A, Hawkes D, Peters T, Smith A, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Griffin K, Weinert M, Trueman S, Broadley R, Penter M, Wallace H, Price J, Chirgwin G, Alam M, Kamper W, Nichols J, Hosseini Bai S, Ogbourne S, Thorpe G | News Bulletin

Australian kernel sales hold steady amid upturn in new products with macadamias
Leoni's orchard rounds (IDM update)
First meeting of Macadamia Masterclass
From manual to autonomous
Concrete matting an option for erosion control
Collecting accurate weather data on farm
Protecting and restoring macadamia habitat
Cracking the Indian market: why now is the time for Australian macadamias
While self pollination drives down kernel recovery, most macadamia nuts are produced by cross-pollination
Trunk girdling revisited
The latest on new industry cultivars G, J, P and R
New macadamia cultivars to lower production costs
AMS Awards of Excellence
Conference wrap
Sustainability reporting - getting the credit you deserve
New online tool to unlock carbon curiosity
When weeds are the good guys
Soil samplers and samples sought
Canopy management strategies in older orchards: grower perspectives
WMO One year on
Fibreglass stakes: a grower experience

AMS News Bulletin Spring 2022

2022 | Haase M, Kojetin L, Bond D, Akinsanmi F, Griffin K, Price J, Mainali B | News Bulletin

Challenges on the horizon as global supply continues to grow
Ruth Huwer calls it a day after a long and successful career
Macadamia growers lead the way in Reef Certification
Successful macadamia open day for MCT
MC21001 – an integrated disease management approach for the Australian macadamia industry
Project MC21000 – an integrated systems-based approach for pest management in Australian macadamia
Around the regions with pest scouts
Varroa mites – small size, big impact
Avoiding pesticide resistance
Inadequate coverage limits pest and disease management Far North Queensland macadamias
Growers take on the challenge in FNQ
Taking advantages of opportunities in FNQ
Macadamia growers lead the way in Reef Certification
Managing macadamia flowering
Visual monitoring for flower health
Effective pollination helps increase yield
Positive reaction to electrostatic sprayers
AgTech on trial at Bundaberg
Disaster funding helps recovery for Rous orchard
Floods and rain test resilience
Australian food personality Magdalena Roze shares her macadamia farm experience
Macadamias flip the script on fat as consumers seek satiety and heart healthy ingredients
Off the shelf is out of the box for floodplain farm
How macadamias and ice cream helped to rebuild a nation
Successful macadamia open day for MCT
Australian macadamia minor use and emergency permits

Marketing Update (July 2022 MacGroup)

2022 | Price J | Presentation

The global tree nut industry is facing rapidly growing supply, shipping delays and increased freight costs which is leading to increased price pressure. However, there remain many opportunities to promote consumption and drive growth to rebalance supply and demand, including focussing on innovation and new market development. Macadamias account for less than 2 per cent of the world tree nut market, providing both challenges and unique opportunities. The macadamia industry is well placed to meet consumers increasing desires for healthy whole foods, and the Australian marketing program is focussed on inspiring consumers, educating trade customers, and influencing food manufacturers to experience Australian grown macadamias.

Building a better AMS (July 2022 MacGroup)

2022 | Burnett J | Presentation

At the July 2022 MacGroups, AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett presented the findings of an independent survey regarding proposed changes to the AMS membership structure, resourcing and additional training and development opportunities. The survey was conducted by Survey Matters, distributed to 708 members between 23 May and 17 June 2022, and received a total of 268 responses.

Storm/Flood Recovery Events (NSW, May 2022)

2022 | NSW DPI, Australian Macadamia Society | Article

In May 2022 the AMS and NSW DPI hosted two grower events to share information about recovering from the two flood events the region suffered at the beginning of this year, one at the end of February and another a few weeks later in March. This document is a summary of the information provided and gained as well as links to resources and support services.

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2022

2022 | De Silva A, Hosseini S, Peters T, Kojetin L, Bond D, Bright J, Griffin K, Trueman S, Wilson R, Wallace H, Price J, Kamper W, Ogbourne S, Royle J, Higgins J, Ellis K, Lerch G | News Bulletin

AMS Chief Executive Officer to step down after 14 years
Inaugural Women in Macadamias events a success
Ancestry.com for macadamias
Macadamia kernel imports continue to improve
Pollen sources for stingless bees in the orchard
Pollen parentage of nuts during premature nut drop: do self-pollinated nuts drop and cross-pollinated nuts remain?
Healthy bees crucial to maximise macadamia production
Native bees and macadamias – a way forward
Lace bug predators invited to scientific ‘fight club’
Drone proves itself in orchard trial
The lowdown on using drones
Drone supports decision making in Lindendale orchard
Slow road to recovery
Signs of recovery – northern NSW floodplain macadamias
Colour sorting technology builds capacity at Natara Macadamias
Planning and sound advice keys to success
TV chef celebrates macadamias in new season of food show
Guarding against farm accidents
Optimising spray coverage for the best returns
Testing for coverage
Leptocoris bugs – are there more or are we looking more closely for them?
Softer insecticide option for lace bug management

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2022

2022 | Smith A, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Searle C, Akinsanmi F, Griffin K, Cox J, Drenth A, Fuller C, Jenkins I, Price J, King K, Khan J, Maley G, Orford R | News Bulletin

A new AMS structure: how you will benefit
Why contributing to the Voluntary Marketing Fund is in your interest
Moving into success
Australian industry remains resilient in the face of challenging market conditions
Standards for high quality nursery stock
Diseases in macadamia nurseries
Air-filled porosity: what is it and why is it so important when producing a quality nursery tree?
Nursery grows with industry
Nursery Stock Specification part of best practice at MacQ
Preventive sweeper harvester maintenance – have you done yours?
The logistics of transporting macadamias
Growers and agencies work on coordinated approach to reducing pollution in Richmond River
Quality comes from culture
Working safely with wood chippers
MCT: Macadamia relatives
Macadamia ecophysiology enlightening management: Water management part B
Dealing with tree damage in the orchard
Horticultural oils in macadamia crop protection
Top 21 of 2021: The macadamia products that made their mark last year
New digital tool for growers to report severe weather damage
Stay alert – be on the lookout for macadamia seed weevil
Maintaining productivity at ‘Twisted M’ farm

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