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Australian Tree Crop Rapid Response Map Update (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Shephard C | Presentation

Phase 1 of the Tree Crop Mapping project began in 2017 and is now complete - but what does Phase 2 involve?

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Bright J, Epplett N, Jones K, Mulo S, Bignell G, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Nock C, Porter G, Smith J, Langdon K, Shephard C | News Bulletin

Drought, fire, floods – we’ve had them all! The drenching summer rains have been very welcome and it seems like the drought has finally broken. But it’s inevitable that we will experience another drought and the series of articles on drought strategies provide great practical advice on making your orchard more resilient. There are tips on orchard floor management, canopy management, water use and irrigation. In the lead up to what is likely to be a variable crop, we also provide some ideas on how to deal with small nuts during this harvest season.

The Australian Macadamia Industry Strategic Blueprint 2030 (draft)

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Research report/article

This Strategic Blueprint has been prepared by members of the Australian macadamia industry, to summarise the key characteristics they envisage the Australian macadamia industry will display in the year 2030.

2017 AMS Future Forum: A summary of outcomes from group discussions

2019 | Australian Macadamia Society | Research report/article

"The inaugural Macadamia Future Forum in 2017 brought together a wide cross-section of the Australian macadamia industry to discuss the major challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our industry. This document captures the significant issues raised by Forum participants and summarises the actions and initiatives identified for further discussion and development. Some actions, such as the development of a Global Macadamia Council and the Innovation Initiative aimed at driving new product development are already underway. "

AMS News Bulletin Spring 2019

2019 | Andersen D, Thomas A, Kojetin L, Bright J, Akinsanmi F, Huwer R, Maddox C, Trueman S, Wallace H, Ziehlke L, Russell D, Fuller C, Purdue I, Robertson D, Janetzki A, O'Connor K, Prassannath K, Whitten M, Vallis S, Kamper W, Nichols J, Hosseini Bai S, Ogbourne S | News Bulletin

Managing macadamia seed weevil
Boring beetles: Depends how you look at it!
Tropical nut borer: An exotic pest of macadamias
Assessing fruitspotting bug damage
Flower blight complex
Husk spot control and managing fungicide resistance
Pig exclusion fencing becoming a necessity
using drop sheets to monitor insect pests
Time to think about crop protection for up-coming season
Record keeping requirements
Tank mixing agricultural chemicals
Anemometers, wind meters and weather stations
The taste of innovation: Why flavour expert says we can do more with macadamias
Clean coastal catchment project EOI wraps up
Single Touch Payroll: Are you compliant?
Australian collaboration wins international irrigation award
The latest results are in: Whole-tree yields can be increased with better cross-pollination
DNA-informed technologies for rapid selection of new varieties
Evaluating macadamia varieties: How do growers decide what to plant?
Industry news - Michael Waring: First Australian INC Chairman

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2019

2019 | Roche M, Kojetin L, Erasmus J, Bell D, Trueman S, Ziehlke L, Zapp J, King K, Andersen D, Thomas A | News Bulletin

Benchmarking: Findings from the 2018 season
Grass selection and management key to orchard productivity (Matt Roche)
Good growing media: Giving your plants the best start in life (Keiran King)
Watering newly planted trees critical to long-term productivity (Donella Andersen)
Farm Tracker: Identifying and tracking crop losses (Aimee Thomas)
Environmental monitoring to improve orchard management (Leoni Kojetin)
Work health and safety: Everybody’s business
Weather stations: A sound business investment (Donella Andersen)
The results are in: Most nuts come from cross-pollination (Stephen Trueman et al.)
Mistletoe and macadamias
Update on Hidden Valley Plantations’ A-Series varieties (David Bell)
First MacGroup in Yamba responds to significant new plantings
South Africa tour looks at low-flow drip irrigation (Jamie Zapp)
Tree specifications for new nursery tree standard
Profile: Bruce and Liz Green (Donella Andersen)
New research: Macadamias’ natural fit with ice cream leaves consumers wanting more (Lynne Ziehlke)
Creative minds impress with top product concepts at Macadamia Innovation Challenge 2 (Lynne Ziehlke)
Frost protection for macadamias (Janus Erasmus)
Fans to reduce impacts of frost this winter (Donella Andersen)

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2019

2019 | Toft B, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Howard B, Mulo S, Bignell G, Coates A, Burnett J, Norris R, Ziehlke L, Toegel H, King K, Manson D, Stonehouse G, Home B | News Bulletin

With a dry spring behind us and a hot dry summer forecast, the AMS Tree Water Management courses were timely events. Dr Dan Manson, Tree Physiologist, and Thuenis Smit, Horticulturist, led the intensive two-day workshops and both have contributed articles for this edition of the Bulletin.

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2019

2019 | Bond D, Currey A, Bright J, Boote M, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Hofman H, Toegel H, Hunt T, Mackinlay S | News Bulletin

Harvest efficiency feature
Elevating food and life with macadamias: 2019 consumer campaign kicks off (Ziehlke)
The top 18 macadamia product innovations of 2018 (Ziehlke)
Comparison of early growth and yield from Beaumont and H2 rootstocks (Hoffman, Toegel)
Mistletoe: no cause for celebration in macadamias (Currey)
Macadamia Conservation Trust. Conservation Roundup (Bond)
Trade wars - and implications for Australian agriculture (Hunt)
China; crouching dragon or paper tiger? (Burnett)
Incorporating indoxacarb in IPM programs paying dividends for Northern Rivers growers (Bright)

AMS News Bulletin Spring 2018

2018 | Kojetin L, Bond D, Currey A, Boote M, Kaddatz B, Akinsanmi F, Broadley R, Ziehlke L, Patch J, Howlett B, Mhlanga D | News Bulletin

Integrated pest and disease management feature
Numbers in for Year 1 of CTH IPDM trial (Huwer, Maddox, Bright, Hickey)
Paternity testing in the orchard: who is fathering the nuts? (Langdon, Nock)
Advancing the timing of first commercial harvest using trunk girdling (Thorp, Smith)
Pioneer’s orchard reaps rewards of innovation (Boote)
Macadamias in Vietnam – a snapshot (Kaddatz)
New DAF macadamia varieties: where do I get them? (Broadley)
Artificial wetland the real deal in controlling run-off (Bertolo)

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2018

2018 | Mhlanga D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Currey A, Boote M, Kaddatz B, Akinsanmi F, MacDonald J, Ziehlke L, Elmouttie D, Chamberlain A, O'Brien B | News Bulletin

Technologies for the orchard feature
Indoxacarb - a new option for macadamia seed weevil management (Maddox, Huwer)
Macadamia high health nursery stock certification (MacDonald)
Pollen-parent affects nut size, kernel size and kernel recovery of macadamia (Herbert, Walton, Wallace)
Managing diseases in orchards: start clean, stay healthy and stay safe (Akinsanmi)
Integrated system key to rodent control in orchards (Elmouttie)
Storm wreaks havoc in south-east growing region (Boote)
10 years on, what is the Australian Macadamia Handlers Association and what does it do? (Lee)
Production potential or pipe dream? (Kaddatz)
Macadamia Conservation Trust: New Macadamia jansenii population found (Bond)

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