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AMS Update for NSW (March 2021 MacGroup)

2021 | Kojetin L, Burnett J | Presentation

Important industry updates from AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett and industry development manager Leoni Kojetin including: • Water security • Reef regulations in QLD • Clean Coastal Catchments in NSW • Crop protection changes (Agri-fos) • Maccelerate industry marketing fund

AMS Update for QLD (March 2021 MacGroup)

2021 | Kojetin L, Burnett J | Presentation

Important industry updates from AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett and industry development manager Leoni Kojetin including: • Water security • Reef regulations in QLD • Clean Coastal Catchments in NSW • Crop protection changes (Agri-fos) • Maccelerate industry marketing fund

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2021

2021 | Kojetin L, Hill S, Bond D, Smit T, Currey A, Bright J, Jones K, Searle C, Akinsanmi F, McConachie I, Price J, Smit A, Elley S, Smit M, Fuss E, Jarvis C, Marshall D, Rogers R | News Bulletin

Australian industry proves resilient after challenging 12 months
Three years on shows the benefit of careful planning and flexibility
Harnessing technology creates new opportunities at Dungarubba
Floodplain macadamias: learning what works (and doesn't)
Developing macadamia on floodplain soils
Update on Clean Coastal Catchments
You can't put icing on a cake when there's no cake
Harvest efficiency a key to success for Red Rock Macadamias
Tree resilience is essential to high performing orchards
Cooperative approach essential to managing feral pigs
How a bobby turned into a full time business
Hard learnt lessons about feral pigs
Am I reading this right? Climate information and interpretation in a La Nina year
Macadamia ecophysiology enlightening management: Part 1
Innovative mulcher protects groundcover on steep slopes
The top 20 of 2020: the years' most inspiring macadamia products
Phytophthora disease control with phosphonates and holistic strategies in macadamia
Carbon sequestration by macadamias: a review of past research
Collection underway for the Wild Macadamia Arboretum

AMS News Bulletin Spring 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Shofner R, Smit T, Erasmus J, Epplett N, Jones K, Quinlan K, Searle C, Akinsanmi F, Llewellyn R, O'Grady R, Burnett J, Price J, Makim A, Manson D, Smit A, Irvine-Brown S, Kern S, Lee K, Carr C, Govender A | News Bulletin

Macadamia nutrition and vegetative vigor: a new approach
The mobility and uptake of nutrients in macadamia
Identifying toxicity and deficiency symptoms
Boron and calcium: getting the balance right
Regenerative nut production: a case study
Interrow insectaries: making macadamia orchards more friendly to beneficial insects
Understand the limiting factors in your orchard
Leaf diseases in macadamia
Macadamia lace bug: orchard hygiene critical to reduce spread
Under-tree nets providing soil health benefits
Demand driven breeding of horticultural tree crops: proof of concept using macadamia
How South Africa is pushing the envelope with macadamia productivity
2020 Season review
Orchard preparation the key to long-term macadamia success
Simple but effective fertigation system a winner
Rabobank: Key drivers of family farm succession
Europe embraces more adventurous snack product flavours

AMS News Bulletin Winter 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Fleming G, Epplett N, Akinsanmi F, Maddox C, Trueman S, Wallace H, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Fuller C, Halcroft M, Hall M, Allison C, Maginnity S, Hibbert P, Koch N, Deane K, Moosberger P | News Bulletin

The importance of pollination: An overview
Are we too reliant on honey bees for our pollination services?
Bee foraging behaviour and pollen transport: What does it mean for pollination>
Deploying stingless bee hives: When is it the best time to place bees in your macadamia orchard?
A tough season for bees
Stingless bee hive care and management
Resilience of macadamia trees to diseases
To yield or not to yield?
New macadamia registration providing early IPM options
Canopy management at Knockrow Macadamias
Farming with an open mind and a willingness to try a different approach
Water use management: AusMac2020 preview
Tree shaker shortening the harvest season
SmartNuts yield monitoring
Are you ready for the new regulatory reality?
What impact will COVID-19 have on marketing macadamias?
The innovation superpowers of macadamias

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Hibbert P, Kojetin L, Bond D, Johnstone B, Epplett N, Boote M, Maddox C, McConachie I, Hardner C, Mulo S, Topp B, Bignell G, Burnett J, Russell D, Price J, Zapp J, Alam M, Nock C, Robson A, Peace C, Irvine-Brown S, Vaughan J, Brinkhoff J | News Bulletin

Which variety is which?
Genetic variation in macadamia cultivars
Norm Greber: Pioneer of macadamia propagation
Short history of macadamia cultivars
Regional variety trials: testing the performance of new varieties since 1983
Breeding new varieties for a more profitable Australian industry
New Hidden Valley A-series variety release
Customised combination utility harvester solution for Gympie grower
From the soil to the sky: Queensland trial integrating new technologies
Garry and Andrea Sheppard (Ozmac) awarded AMS Grower of the Year 2020
The Blanco's mobile harvester takes out AMS Innovation Award
Jarrah Coates: Young Achiever of the Year
Welcome to Yolande Kliese, our new Research and Innovation Manager
New Sprinkler Stake provides a simple and effective solution
Trial of harvesting over on-ground driplines shows promise
Controlling fruitspotting bug damage in macadamias: Timing is everything
Estimating macadamia planting year and productive area in Australia
Financial benefits of under-tree netting system are clear
New Gen Z research reveals macadamias' relevance to the demands of younger consumers

AMS News Bulletin Autumn 2020

2020 | Andersen D, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Bright J, Epplett N, Jones K, Mulo S, Bignell G, Burnett J, Ziehlke L, Nock C, Porter G, Smith J, Langdon K, Shephard C | News Bulletin

Grower experiences of coping with the drought, including:
- Orchard floor management strategies
- Dealing with small nuts during harvest
- Canopy management adaptations during drought
- Water use and irrigation scheduling adaptations
- Investing in irrigation systems on dryland orchards
- Delivering crucial nutrients in dry times
- Pest and disease considerations in drought conditions
Assessing the nutrient status of your crop
On-farm post-harvest quality management
Investigating sources of Salmonella contamination of macadamias
Making healthy compost on the farm
Grower of the Year award winners, Gary and Julie Davis
How our macadamias are boosting the rum and gin business
Embracing the power of video to tell the macadamia story
Our top macadamia innovation discoveries of 2019
DNA paternity testing in the orchard
How much do top performing orchards spend to achieve high productivity?
Leptocoris in macadamia

2020 Annual General Meeting presentation

2020 | Australian Macadamia Society | Presentation

The AMS Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 11 November with members and guests joining the meeting from physical locations in Byron Bay NSW, Bundaberg QLD and online.

Australian Tree Crop Rapid Response Map Update (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Shephard C | Presentation

Phase 1 of the Tree Crop Mapping project began in 2017 and is now complete - but what does Phase 2 involve?

AMS News Bulletin Summer 2019

2019 | Toft B, Kojetin L, Bond D, Smit T, Howard B, Mulo S, Bignell G, Coates A, Burnett J, Norris R, Ziehlke L, Toegel H, King K, Manson D, Stonehouse G, Home B | News Bulletin

Sap flow data improves irrigation efficiencies
Macadamia: the sustainable water user
Soil health is the key to orchard health
What to look for in a quality compost
We are what we eat ... or drink
Ingenious mobile dehusking & processing plant a real game changer
Advances in mapping technology helping on-farm management
First nut scanner to sort green nut-in-husk
Modern, clean technology used in nut dryer
South Africa macadamia study tour, July 2019
Benchmarking identifies the industry's top performing orchards
What's the value of advice in a post-Royal Commission environment
Weaving your way through the succession discussion
Macadamias are well placed to disrupt the chocolate category
The macadamia Planting Systems Trial 5 years after planting
Limb bending and limb angle
Pruning and competition in macadamia

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