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Macadamia physiology and nut quality (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter has completed extensive research on South African orchards during challenging climatic seasons and led numerous research trials to improve on-farm practices which directly impact kernel quality and post-harvest efficiency.

MC12002 Developing a commercial shelf-life test for macadamias

2015 | Jones K | Research report/article

A commercially viable, cost-ffective, rapid test has been developed that allows the macadamia industry to assess the shelf-life and quality of raw and roasted macadamia kernel.

MC10008 Developing a commercial test for macadamia shelf life; proof of concept

2011 | Jones K | Research report/article

This report provides outcomes from the Macadamia  Shelf Life: Proof of Concept project to the funding body and stakeholders. The  aim of this project is to demonstrate the efficacy of using NIR and/or E nose  technology to predict the potential shelf life of macadamias. The project has demonstrated that a practical, rapid and cost-effective test can be developed which will distinguish between batches of raw kernel, with long or short shelf-life.  The report also details the pros and cons of different technologies and  provides an action plan for development of an industry standard test.

MC06010 Optimising kernel processing for shelf-life

2010 | McConchie C | Research report/article

Final report on research project to understand factors affecting kernel quality and shelf life.

2008 AMS Conference Proceedings: Concurrent Session 5 - Quality management in the factory and supply chain

2008 | Embry J, Evans B, McConchie C, Macpherson K, Yang A | Presentation

Addressing quality in the avocado supply chain; Results from the German retail sampling project; Optimising kernel processing for shelf life;.

Management of after roast browning in macadamia

2006 | McConchie C, Albertson P | Research report/article

Final Report Research Project MC01008. The current project has provided tools for processors to predict the roasting response of raw kernel prior to roasting.

Proceedings of the 2005 Conference: Technical Plenary Session

2005 | Jones K, Albertson P, Olesen T, Whalan K, Muldoon S, Robertson D, Meyer R, Huett D, Whyte J | Presentation

Includes returns from your levy investment or money in the bank; after roast darkening (ARD) in macadamia - proposed physiological/biochemical pathways and industry implications; flush and flower development in macadamia; improving light distribution in macadamia canopies; and what's happening in South Africa.

Proceedings of the 2004 Conference: Workshop 7: Kernel assessment

2004 | Simpson J | Presentation

Recommended standards for sampling and nut-in-shell evaluation; Kernel disorders ranked in severity.

Postharvest removal of distal end browning in macadamia nut kernels in South Africa

2004 | Kaiser C | Research report/article

A literature review to understand the causes and physiology of the browning reactions in 2003 and subsequent funded research in 2004 in an effort to reduce or eliminate the browning.

Assessment of quality defects in macadamia kernels using NIR spectroscopy

2003 | Guthrie J, Greensill C, Bowden R, Walsh K | Research report/article

Kernels were assessed on the basis of oil and water content, and with respect to the defect categories of insect damage, rancidity, discoloration, mould growth, germination and decomposition.

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