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Macadamia physiology and nut quality (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter has completed extensive research on South African orchards during challenging climatic seasons and led numerous research trials to improve on-farm practices which directly impact kernel quality and post-harvest efficiency.

Ethepon in drought affected orchards (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Penter M | Presentation

South African expert Mark Penter discusses the current climate changes facing the macadamia industry and the implications for agriculture for more broadly.

Nets: an option for harvest?

2017 | Hill S | Case Study

James and Aimee Thomas are trialling a system of netting to aid harvesting. Netting has been installed under the trees to make nuts roll into the midrow when they fall. The design incorporates two rows of shade netting running the length of the tree row and stretched flat and angled away from the tree on either side.

Harvest strategy

2017 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

Planning, preparation, maintenance, flexibility and a clear understanding of what growers want to achieve are crucial ingredients of a successful harvesting strategy.

Harvest strategy quick tips & grower experiences

2017 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The AMS has compiled the following tips for different aspects of the harvest process. In addition, grower comments, ideas and experiences from the December 2016 MacGroups were captured and incorporated into this information sheet.

Harvesting & Economic Losses

2017 | Commens R | Presentation

Presentation detailing the potential losses from inneficient mechanical harvesters

Modifications improve harvest efficiency

2016 | Commens R | Case Study

Elanora orchard was one of the first macadamia orchards in Australia to adopt the new sweeper styled Monchiero harvester. Clyde Durry describes the modifications he has made and the operation of the harvester.

Sweeper and fingerwheel harvesters improve risk management

2016 | Commens R | Case Study

Rural Funds Group (RFF) macadamias use both fingerwheel harvesters and sweeper styled harvesters to improve efficiency. In this article Scott Norval explains the key drivers for this investment.

Monitoring maturity for harvest

2015 | Australian Macadamia Society | Fact Sheet

The 2013/14 season had an early flowering (May/June) in many growing regions, a mild winter and a warm, moist summer period. These factors will deliver early maturity to part of the 2014 crop and consequently an early start to the 2014 harvest season for many growers across the industry. To gain a financial return from this early mature crop it is vital that growers have their orchards ready for harvest in early January 2014. Below are some summary points to help growers understand the full extent of this opportunity.

MC07008 Macadamia Kernel Quality: Understanding brown centres and other kernel quality defects

2013 | Le Lagadec D | Research report/article

This report summarises the findings of project MC07008 Macadamia Kernel Quality: understanding brown centres and other kernel quality defects. The project began in 2007 to identify causes of brown centres and to develop management strategies to reduce the incidence of the defect.

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