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2018 | - | Research report/article

Prepared by the Queensland Strawberry Growers’ Association (QSGA), Master Licensee for new macadamia varieties...

Riverbend orchard (Bundaberg) harvests 2-year-old crop

2017 | Commens R | Case Study

George and Gerda Hobi discuss establishing their macadamia orchard at Bundaberg.

New Macadamia Variety Profile Sheet – MCT1

2017 | Anon | Fact Sheet

An elite macadamia variety that could raise productivity by up to 50% has now been released. It is one example of the potential of the wild macadamia’s rich genetic diversity and represents the advances of breeding and selection of new generation cultivars that will transform the industry’s future. It has been named MCT1 and is owned by the Macadamia Conservation Trust.

MC09017 Supplementary grower trial of elite macadamia selections

2015 | Searle C, Bryen L | Research report/article

VC funded cultivar evaluation trial. Funding this project through a voluntary contribution meant that the industry would save a considerable amount of time, i.e. 7 to 8 years. It would also advance the breeding program generally by allowing material from the first round of crosses (B1.1) to be compared with material from the second round of crosses (B1.2), thus allowing some assessment to be made of the genetic progress of the breeding program.   

MC09021 Macadamia Breeding and Conservation

2015 | Topp B | Research report/article

Macadamia industry cultivar breeding program. Assessments of new cultivars for yield, quality, husk spot resistance, fruitspotting bug resistance and rootstocks.

Macadamia regional variety trials: series 3

2012 | Stephenson R | Research report/article

Final Report Research Project MC06009 Macadamia regional variety trials: series 3

MC06009 Macadamia Regional Variety Trials - Series 3

2012 | Stephenson R | Research report/article

Improved profitability of the Australian macadamia industry depends on more productive varieties that produce high quality kernel. In particular, because of the susceptibility of 344 to abnormal vertical growth in the Bundaberg area, less susceptible, new and better varieties are needed there. A range of new varieties were assessed in separate trials in the Bundaberg region with 36 varieties at Winfield and 27 varieties at Hinkler Park from 1999 to 2009.

Buying quality macadamia trees

2009 | Loebel M, McPhee G | Research report/article

The quality of the planting stock greatly influences the growth and performance of trees in later years.

Frost avoidance and protection against frost damage in macadamia orchards

2009 | O'Hare P | Research report/article

Outlines the causes of frost, how frost damages plant tissue, ways of avoiding frost damage, repairing frost damaged trees.

Macadamia improvement and conservation

2009 | Hardner C, McConchie C | Research report/article

Final Report Research Project MC02054 Macadamia improvement and conservation

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