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Marketing update (March 2021 MacGroup, video)

2021 | Price J | Video

AMS Marketing Manager Jacqui Price provided an overview of current market conditions, outlined how the #DiscoverMacadamias marketing strategy is performing, and shared key insights from the recent global consumer research project.

Marketing update (March 2021 MacGroup)

2021 | Price J | Presentation

The marketing presentation provided an overview of current market conditions, outlined how the #DiscoverMacadamias marketing strategy is performing, and shared key insights from the recent global consumer research project.

Hitting the innovation sweet spot (Lynne Ziehlke)

2018 | Australian Macadamia Society | Video

In this AusMac2018 presentation, the Australian macadamia industry's market development manager Lynne Ziehlke outlines key initiatives and showcases 10 of the most innovative product launches of 2018.

Macadamia marketing: global supply, demand and how the market is evolving (Feb/March 2020 MacGroup)

2020 | Ziehlke L | Presentation

General Manager of Marketing Lynne Ziehlke provides an update on the current global supply and demand situation and what the future of marketing Australian macadamias might look like under a Maccelerate 2030 strategy plan.

Macadamia Marketing Update - Lynne Ziehlke (Feb 2019 MacGroup)

2019 | Ziehlke L | Presentation

Update on the Australian macadamia industry’s marketing program, including global supply and demand, tree nut production, kernel and in-shell sales, and 2018 research (including bakery and snacks). Delivered by Australian macadamia industry market development manager Lynne Ziehlke (February 2019).

MC09006 Improving understanding, analysis and application of market research and development activity

2014 | Ziehlke L | Research report/Update

The Market Development Manager (MDM) project began with three intended outcomes: to drive greater industry support for, ownership of and participating in the Australian macadamia generic marketing program; to maintain an add value to the product and industry; to improve the overall return on levy investment to growers. The MDM has brought about unprecedented industry cohesion and facilitated participation and collaboration from all sectors. This has resulted in the development of a marketing program to which the industry feels connected and for which there has been widespread enthusiasm, support and adoption.

Mounting evidence supports the important role of nuts in a heart healthy diet

2010 | Sabate J | Research report/Update

New findings from a pooled analysis published in Archives of Internal Medicine_x000D_.

MC05007 The effects of long-term ingestion of macadamia nuts on weight control in overweight subjects

2010 | Somerset S | Research report/Update

A study of the health benefits of macadamias with respect to heart disease, cholesterol and obesity.

AMS press release

2009 | Brown J, Brown D | Research report/Update

Discusses results of a trial conducted by Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, by Dr Colquhoun, comparing effects on blood fat levels of a macadamia enriched diet with high complex carbohydrate diet.

2008 AMS Conference Proceedings: Plenary Session - Prospects for macadamia nuts in weight and obesity control

2008 | Somerset S, Graham L, Markwell K, Kostner K | Research report/Update

Adding macadamia nuts to the diet, without energy reduction, can affect coronary risk in overweight subjects.

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