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Investing in the future: A sustainable approach to productivity

A commitment to continual learning and improvement is one of the cornerstones of the Australian macadamia industry. This is evident in on-farm practices, post-harvesting processes, and the premium quality of the end product

A collaborative spirit and innovative thinking are the driving forces behind an industry-wide desire to achieve consistent production, high quality and long-term sustainability. And with shoppers more conscious than ever about the source and safety of food product ingredients, delivering a pure and premium product that meets the expectations of manufacturers and consumers alike is paramount.

Advances made by Australia’s macadamia industry over the last decade have been driven largely by long-term investment in productivity improvements. Growers have adopted new industry-wide productivity initiatives which are delivering better soil and tree health and more consistent yields. The best growers are continuing to push productivity barriers, with some now consistently achieving more than five tonnes in shell per hectare.

Australia’s macadamia industry sees no trade-off between sustainable growing practices and productivity. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Growers see sustainability working hand in hand with productivity, and this is driving innovative thinking on-farm, increased biodiversity, and development of effective biological controls.

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