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Macadamia industry benchmarking report 2009-2021

About the benchmarking project


The benchmarking project is promoting improved productivity, quality and sustainability within the Australian macadamia industry. The current project builds on previous benchmarking and best practice work conducted since 2001.

Yield and quality information has been collected annually from macadamia farms throughout Australia since 2009. These data are provided either directly by growers, or by their processor(s) on their behalf. Production cost data has also been collected annually since 2013.

The benchmark sample now includes seasonal data from more than 300 farms, spanning all major production regions and representing approximately 63% of national production.

Benchmarking participants receive a confidential, personalised report each season that allows them to confidentially compare their own farm performance against seasonal and long-term averages for similar farms. These comparisons are based on a range of criteria including region, locality, farm size, management structure, irrigation status and tree age. Participants also have the option to attend one of the regional Benchmark Group meetings, where seasonal trends and outcomes are discussed, and growers can network to share information and ideas with each other.

Regional and industry average results are published annually to provide growers, processors, consultants, investors and other industry stakeholders with a summary of yield, quality and cost of production trends within the Australian macadamia industry.


Benchmarking report and insights

·       Download the latest benchmarking report(2009-2021).

·      Download the benchmarking insights (2009-2022).

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