2 Tonne Enterprises (2te)

The premium macadamia management company in NSW, driven by data and innovation.

Specialists in new orchard development on the floodplains of Northern NSW.

Managing Director Robbie Commens, a multi-award winning horticultural operator with a degree in Agronomy from the University of Queensland, first class honours, has been involved in the commercial horticultural industry his entire career.

Before 2te, Robbie managed the Australian macadamia industries’ research and development program for the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS). He worked with industry leading growers, researchers, consultants and marketers to significantly increase grower adoption of best practice and industry wide production. Robbie was involved with and led the development of the Integrated Orchard Management (IOM) initiative, a macadamia specific industry-wide innovation that continues to deliver value for the Australian and International industries.


Specialising in the conversion of NSW floodplains (sugar cane land) into high value macadamia orchards 2te assists investors to:

  • Understand their key drivers
  • Review, identify and negotiate the purchase of suitable land
  • Understand key government rules and regulations
  • Complete property appraisal reports
  • Develop orchard plans, site preparation and ongoing management schedules
  • Project manage land conversion from broadacre to orchard production
  • Secure and plant out high quality trees from certified nurseries
  • Coordinate capital infrastructure


Mature orchards on the NSW floodplains consistently achieve production in the top 5% of Australian orchards which can be linked to high quality soils and a humid climate

The floodplains also boast a highwater table (just 0.5-1.5m below the surface) that smaller macadamia trees utilise to produce larger crops, in turn minimising reliance on irrigation.

Across northern NSW there’s estimated 7,500ha suitable for transformation from broadacre cropping to macadamia production; there is scalable opportunity.

2te will add value to your investment through;

Innovation, Professionalism, Transparency and Growth (our core values).

To find out more, visit www.2te.com.au 

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0429 553 659
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