B&W Rural provide on-farm and remote agronomy services to suit your individual farm needs. Our experienced agronomists specialise in establishing new orchards, maintaining existing orchards and improving productivity and on-farm efficiency.

B&W Rural are leading agricultural suppliers based in several location across northern NSW. We offer independent fee for service based agronomic advice across the eastern states of Australia from Bundagerg to Griffith.

We offer a range of agronomy packages tailored to your individual needs depending on the level of service required;

  • Remote agronomy packages, utilising your existing on-farm scouting
  • Nutrition planning and review
  • Soil and leaf testing
  • Capacitance probes
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Diagnostic services
  • Orchard development
  • Pruning practices
  • Precision agriculture
  • Corporate reporting and bench-marking

Our specialist agronomists work with growers to establish orchards, maintain existing orchards and increase overall productivity and efficiency. We service a wide range of agricultural crops including large broadacre cropping systems and this allows our agronomists to think outside the box when it comes to troubleshooting issues experienced across multiple crops and enterprises.

We also offer discounted agronomy services to growers already utilising machinery telematics to record on-farm operations.

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