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Better Soil | Better Crops | Better Return Bioptiv is not a product company. Our difference: service-based approach to our customers, and our focus on specific crops. Bioptiv has developed a program specifically for nut trees, marrying crop specific requirements with the optimal choice of product, application rates and timing.

The Bioptivate Program for nut trees takes into consideration the requirements for the optimal soil environment, the specific nutrient requirements of nut trees, and the application rate and timing of the required products that will produce optimal impact.

Our Bioptivate product provides the key microorganisms that perform functions as diverse as the solubilisation of phosphorus, potassium and silicon, the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, the production of growth-promoting exudates, and pre-emptively colonize the rhizosphere, or root zone.

Bioptivate Stimulus Blend fills the nutrient and stimulus requirements of the microbes to ensure that they grow and multiply strongly. It also contains humic acids that improve soil structure.

Bioptivate Root Blend is designed to work with the soil microbes and provide a high-level food source while improving the soil environment to which they have been added. It contains alginic and amino acids, as well as chelating agents. Selected nutrient products may also form part of your Bioptiv program.

Application rates vary according to the age and health of your trees, the time of year, the soil condition, climate and micro-climate, and your particular objectives. Every grower has different priorities: increase in yield or quality of fruit, reduction in the cost of inputs, improvement of soil condition, reduction in disease or some combination of the above. Naturally, the timing of product application is equally critical, and Bioptiv will advise you according to the specifics of your situation.

Finally, in some cases other practices may be recommended (or advised against). Some herbicides or pesticides, for example, are harmful to beneficial bacteria. Sometimes, especially in soil disease situations, specific hygiene practices may be recommended. Contact us today to see how we can help you to achieve better soil, better crops and better return. Call us on 1800 112 779 or email us at: [email protected]

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