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BioResources supplies biological insect pest controls for the Australian macadamia industry and conducts field research.

Products include "MacTrix" wasps for macadamia nutborer; Anastatus wasps for fruitspotting bugs and green lacewings a generalist predator including that of lace bug. BioResources has conducted research with HIA looking at ways to get more insect diversity into macadamia crops to make crops more resistant to pest incursions. BioResourcess currently has two Land Care projects. One : Implementation, demonstration and extension for inter-row cover-cropping, dedicated insectaries and perennial native vegetation areas for ecosystem services in young crops in Bundaberg region. Two: Macadamia 'dark orchard' rehabilitation - orchard row removal and inter-row cover- cropping demonstration. Contact Richard Llewellyn to discuss biocontrol agents suitable for your crop.

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0427 969 408
PO Box 578, Samford , QLD, 4520

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