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Guaranteed accurate, fair quality analysis of NIS consignments, kernel recovery and moisture content. The longest serving independent laboratory accredited under the AMS kernel laboratory accreditation scheme. Our staff have over 100 years combined experience in kernel quality assessments.

Other services: shelf life assessment of NIS and kernel; post harvest R&D and quality control advice; design and operation of on-farm drying facilities.

We offer:

• A completely independent fair and accurate assessment of nut and kernel quality for payment purposes.

• Our state of the art drying and cracking facilities ensures that the highest quality is maintained.

• Results are completed and returned to the client within 7 days of receiving the sample.

• Shelf life assessments of NIS, kernel and macadamia oil.

• Consultancy for post harvest care and quality control.

• Advice on design and operation of on-farm dryers.

• Post-harvest R&D services.

Our People:

Director Kim Jones is an internationally recognised expert on macadamia quality management. Kim holds a Master of Science degree and was formerly the Macadamia Industry Development Manager where he guided the Australian Industry’s Research & Development program for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in macadamia quality management as well as design and operation of on-farm drying systems. Kim travels the world assisting industry and conducting farmer training programs, especially in developing countries.

Our three laboratory kernel assessors have over 50 years combined experience in kernel assessment and provide a service unequalled in the Australian industry.

Our Services:

• NIS and kernel assessment for growers, processors, NIS exporters, wholesale and retail marketers.

• Shelf life assessment of macadamia NIS, kernel and oil.

• Consultancy services on quality management, and post-harvest care.

• Post-harvest R&D.

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0488 340 808
18 Thurgates Lane,Wardell,NSW,2477

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