drumMUSTER is a national program providing Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty chemical containers.

drumMUSTER provides an easy, environmentally-friendly way of disposing of empty farming chemical containers across rural Australia. The first drumMUSTER collection was held at Gunnedah in May 1999.

drumMUSTER and ChemClear are voluntary programs of AgStewardship Australia Limited. Its members are CropLife Australia, Animal Medicines Australia Limited, Veterinary Manufacturer’s and Distributors Association and the National Farmers Federation.

drumMUSTER is funded by levies collected by AgStewardship, which was established to develop stewardship programs for Australia’s agriculture sector, along with ChemClear. AgStewardship contracts Agsafe Ltd to deliver the drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs on its behalf.

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