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Eureka Macadamia Management & Macadamia Consultancy International has been providing specialist advice and consulting services to the global macadamia industry for four decades.

"We offer a large range of services, from nursery and/or plantation establishment/management to project/farm management, feasibility studies, mechanical tree pruning and study tours (see list below).  We give you practical, innovative and individual solutions and advice that maximise your returns and overcome the challenges associated with macadamia production, and the knowledge and assistance you and your staff need to be independent decision-makers.  We utilise the very latest innovation and cutting-edge scientific research to improve your on-farm operations and our number 1 goal is to ensure your macadamia business is efficient, profitable, progressive, and sustainable.  We can do as much or as little as you require, managing the whole project or just part of it. 

Our managing director is renowned Australian macadamia grower and manager Kim Wilson, one of the world’s leading macadamia experts. Kim is the former general manager of one of Australia’s leading macadamia enterprises ‘Gray Plantations’, and has managed more than 350 hectares of macadamia plantations across Australia as well as a nurseries in Eureka and Mackay supplying macadamia trees to Australia and the world. He led Australia’s peak macadamia industry body - the Australian Macadamia Society - as Chairman, from 2009-2011. Kim also guided Australia’s highly successful multi-million dollar, research and development program which helped position Australian at the forefront of the world macadamia industry, and more recently, he has become well known for his work in assisting developing countries to build their own macadamia industries.  

Our services include: nursery establishment, development & management, plantation establishment, development & management, project/farm management,  mechanical tree pruning,  feasibility studies,  wholesale macadamia nursery,  study tours and speaking engagements."

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