Haymac Horticultural Services

Drawing on industry best practice, environmental sciences and regenerative agricultural methods, Haymac Horticultural Services provides professional orchard services to the macadamia industry in the Northern Rivers. Haymac aims to provide services with a focus on biodiversity within orchards, targeted crop monitoring and protection and orchard floor management and design.

Haymac Horticultural Services provide:
-  Harvesting
-  Inter-row cover crop seeding and biodiversity services
-  Pest scouting and crop protection services
-  Best practice air-blast spraying
-  Compost & mulch spreading
- Orchard hygiene hammer mulching
- Orchard floor improvement and ground cover management.

Call Haymac today, to see how we can help you increase biodiversity within your orchard, improve your harvest surface, ground cover or to protect, feed and harvest your crop.

Contact Us

Contact Haymac Horticultural Services today to discuss your project requirements.

0431 616 945
0431 616 945
PO BOX 8003, Dunoon, NSW 2480 Australia

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