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Over the last decade and a half, MacQ Nursery has produced and delivered over half a million trees - contributing greatly to the growth and future of the macadamia nut industry in Australia.

MacQ Nursery is an affiliate of Alloway Macadamia Pty Ltd and, as growers of macadamia nuts for over 28 years, we understand what is involved and know that a good start is always important.

We take pride in producing quality macadamia nursery trees, which require extra care and attention during the 18 to 24 months period that it takes to produce them. Established in 2002, MacQ Nursery is one of the largest commercial macadamia nurseries in Australia. The nursery is under shade cloth with a capacity to hold up to 400,000 trees. 

MacQ sources fresh seed nut to start the process. Healthy seedlings are then potted into 8 litre bags using quality, soil-less potting mix sourced from accredited suppliers. This promotes good root development. The seedlings are grown for up to 12 months before being grafted to the desired varieties. After that, it takes another 6 months before the macadamia trees are ready for planting. As your tree order progresses, nursery and scion trees are available for inspection. 

We use sturdy, reliable H2 or Beaumont rootstock and conduct continuing research regarding the best available rootstock.  At MacQ, we have over 30 varieties of scion wood available on farm with even more varieties available by arrangement.

MCT1 ANFIC Sub-Licensee.

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