Seabreeze Macadamias

Seabreeze Macadamias is a contracting business offering services to growers in the macadamia industry. We have 55 years combined experience in the macadamia industry. Our business is family owned and operated.

We offer a large range of services including: harvesting, mechanical pruning, erosion control, soil profiling, airblast spraying, sweeping, mulching, leasing, and farm management.

A 26 tonne excavator is available for drainage work, general earth works/clearing and is equipped with a 5 foot mulcher capable of removing whole macadamia trees within the orchard.

Seabreeze Macadamias also operates a wholesale nursery as well as offering a farm establishment service.

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02 6689 5676
1799 Dunoon Road,Dunoon,NSW,2480

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