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Our focus is on improving grower productivity and profitability because, if growers do well, the rest of our industry does well too!

For our new growers, we can help you get your business off to a good start by putting you in touch with the services and contacts you need. For more experienced growers, we ensure you have your finger on the pulse with the latest on-farm developments to help maintain and improve your productivity, and consequently profitability.

AMS memberships are for the financial year and pro-rated quarterly. From 1 April each year the last quarter fee and following year fee are payable for new membership applications. The fees below show the applicable pro-rated amount payable for applications made today.

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Grower and industry members have the option to include additional contacts, who will also receive all member benefits (with the exception of voting rights). This is great for those in a partnership, or where an absentee owner would like their farm manager and workers to also access the benefits.


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