AMS News Bulletin Spring 2018

The spring edition deals with the big topic of integrated pest and disease management. It features stories about how growers are applying IPDM principles in their orchards, recommendations on how to improve pollination, how to set up an airblast sprayer for maximum effectiveness as well as an article describing challenges to the industry in the future to do with pesticide use. 

In other articles, read how Jason and Fiona Klotz from Red Rock Macadamias and winners of the 2017 Macadamia State of Origin Highest saleable Kernel Large Farms Award are managing their orchard and where you can order the new DAF macadamia varieties from.  Bruno Bertolo from the Northern Rivers describes how he is using landforming and wetlands to control water flow through his orchard and decrease erosion and Lynne Ziehlke summarises the science about the place of nuts in a healthy diet. 

Also included are regular features on R&D, including the initial results from a project looking at the effects of tree girdling and results from year 1 of an IPM trial.  

Article authors include Leoni Kojetin, Lynne Ziehlke, Brice Kaddatz, Anne Currey and Denise Bond, AMS; Megan Boote, Suncoast Gold Macadamias; Roger Broadley, QSGA; Jim Patch, MPC; Brad Howlett, NZ Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd; Dr Femi Akinsanmi, QAAFI; and Dumisani Mhlanga, Hort Innovation.

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