The 2019 spring edition features pest and disease management, and crop protection technology.

There are articles on identifying and controlling a range of pests and diseases, including the latest information on an integrated approach for controlling macadamia seed weevil. Craig Maddox describes a range of bark beetles that exploit drought conditions, and Femi Akinsanmi shares recent research findings on flower blights and explains the importance of managing fungicide resistance in husk spot control. We talk to Marco Prenzel about pig exclusion fencing, and Aimee and James Thomas explain how they are using drop sheets to monitor insect pests. 

The crop technology feature focusses on the safe and responsible use of chemicals, and the importance of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our communities. Jeremy Bright provides a timely reminder on the most important elements for pest and disease control (timing, calibration and coverage) and Mark Whitten gives a detailed explanation of the importance of correct tank mixing and how to achieve it. There are also articles to remind growers on legislative requirements around record keeping as well a new licence requirement for people spraying in New South Wales.

Our regular R&D feature includes a follow-up article on work conducted by University of the Sunshine Coast on cross-pollination. There is also an article on how DNA technologies may be able to shave years off the time it takes to develop new macadamia varieties. Dougal Russel provides an update on the regional variety trials, recent releases and the next phase of the trials (RVT4).

Also in this edition, we celebrate the 2018 AMS regional winners and Michael Waring’s appointment as Chair of the INC Board of Trustees. The AMS Board also provides us with an update on their activities.

Article authors include Jolyon Burnett, Leoni Kojetin, Lynne Ziehlke, Donella Andersen, Denise Bond, (all AMS); Jeremy Bright and Craig Maddox (NSW DPI); Assoc. Prof. Femi Akinsanmi (UQ); James and Aimee Thomas (Falkirk Farm); Mark Whitten (MPC); Stephen Trueman (USC); Katie O’Connor (UQ); Dougal Russel (QDAF).

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