AMS News Bulletin Winter 2018

This edition features business management and improving productivity and efficiency. It also includes articles on sampling plant tissue for nutrient analysis, royalties and new varieties, how the AMS supports the industry and its members, dieback in NSW orchards, the regular market report and an update on the Macadamia Innovation Challenge.

The productivity feature includes case studies on how some growers are streamlining their orchard management and saving time and money and improving yields. It also surveys four processors who describe developments in the sector to improve productivity and take advantage of innovative and new technologies. 

The business feature looks at blockchain and how it might be used in future in the macadamia industry to improve security and efficiency across the supply chain. At the farm level, we look at how three macadamia businesses have combined to restructure their operations and financial management to take advantage of economies of scale. 

Article authors include Leoni Kojetin, Lynne Ziehlke, Brice Kaddatz and Denise Bond, AMS; Scott Hill, Healthy Hills Horticulture; Roger Broadley, QSGA, David Bell, Hidden Valley Plantations and Ian McConachie; Janus Erasmus, FreshPaws Farming Solutions;  Graeme Fleming; Jeremy Bright, NSW DPI; and Ryan Shofner, University of NSW.

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