Australian macadamia industry celebrates its champions on National Agriculture Day (2023)

Australia’s best macadamia growers have been honoured in the industry’s Awards of Excellence, announced the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) today.

Experienced macadamia growers Jason and Fiona Klotz from Red Rock Macadamias in Bundaberg have taken out the Grower of the Year (large farm) award, which recognises consistent high production over the last five years. Their 80ha orchard achieved 1.69 tonne saleable kernel per hectare (1.69 t/ha SK) average over the last five seasons. Jason and Fiona, who have been in the macadamia industry since 2006, have taken out this prestigious award an impressive three times over the last six seasons. Jason is a fifth-generation farmer, and the Klotz family have been farming on the home farm for 150 years. Son Sam is now also part of the macadamia business.

Winner of the Grower of the Year (small farm) award are Gary and Julie Davis from the Glass House Mountains region whose 13.8hectare orchard ‘Glendamia Park’, achieved an average of 1.91 tonne saleable kernel per hectare (1.91 t/ha SK) over five seasons. Originally from broadacre cropping, Gary (a third-generation farmer) and Julie established their orchard, located just 2.5km from the coastline, 25 years ago and their son Mitchell joined the operation in 2015. The family also took out the Grower of the Year award in 2019. 

The AMS also announced the regional award winners for the 2022 season (listed below) across the macadamia growing regions of Central QLD, Gympie QLD, Glass House Mountains QLD, Northern Rivers NSW and Mid North Coast NSW. 

AMS CEO Clare Hamilton-Bate congratulated all Awards of Excellence recipients whose attention to detail, on-farm innovation, collaboration and focus on long-term orchard health was nothing short of exceptional.

“We are an industry powered by the collaboration and innovative thinking of our people. Our award winners are a great example of this and understand what it takes to shine in the unpredictable and sometimes unrewarding world of farming.”

Ms Hamilton-Bate said Australia, the original home of macadamias, is a recognised global market leader that enjoys an enviable reputation for its high-quality macadamia nuts and world’s best production practices. 

“We have our growers to thank for this reputation. Our growers and our industry are committed to the pursuit of excellence, from practices adopted on farm, to post-harvest handling and the premium quality of the end product.”

Australian macadamia industry fast facts

  1. Macadamias originated in the rainforests of Australian over 60 million years ago.
  2. Australia is the only country in world where wild macadamia trees still grow (mainly in SE Qld and NE NSW).
  3. There are approx. 800 macadamia growers in Australia, producing over 50,000T of nut-in-shell per year.
  4. There are around 12.5 million commercially planted macadamia trees in Australia.
  5. 67% of macadamias are grown in Queensland.
  6. 80% of Australian macadamia production is exported to more than 40 countries.
  7. Macadamias are harvested after the nuts mature and fall to the ground.
  8. Macadamias are the hardest nut to crack ………. but it’s lots of fun! (You can use a specialised cracker, hammer or mortar and pestle).
  9. Macadamias are great for your heart and brain as they have a higher level of good fats than any other nut.
  10. Research has confirmed eating macadamias doesn’t lead to weight gain, but they do satisfy both your hunger and taste buds.

Regional award winners

Farm and/or business names where applicable, are listed in brackets. Production figures are from 2022 season.

SK = saleable kernel RKR = reject kernel recovery.


Best productivity

Large farms - Jason and Fiona Klotz (Red Rock Macadamias), 2.21 t/ha SK

Small farms - Alloway Macadamias (AM2), 2.65 t/ha SK

Best quality

Large farms - Jason and Fiona Klotz (Red Rock Macadamias), 1% RKR

Small farms - Macadamia Farm Management (Quamby), 1.71% RKR


Best productivity

Large farms - Garry and Andrea Sheppard (Ozmac), 1.68 t/ha SK

Small farms - Daniel and Belinda Blanco (Home farm), 2.04 t/ha SK

Best quality

Large farms - Lance Brady (Aleena Plantation), 1.94% RKR

Small farms - Mitchell, Gary and Julie Davis (Kilfenora South), 0.89% RKR


Best productivity

Large farms - Michael Cooper (Mr Macadamia), 2.30 t/ha SK

Small farms - Gary and Julie Davis (Glendamia Park), 2.07 t/ha SK

Best quality

Large farms - Michael Cooper (Mr Macadamia), 1.43% RKR

Small farms - Barry and Pauline Morgan (BT & PA Morgan), 0.65% RKR


Best productivity

Large farms - Ian, Caroline and Kirsten Macleod (Waila Macadamias), 1.64 t/ha SK

Small farms - Steve McLean (Macadamia Allsorts), 2.01 t/ha SK

Best quality

Large farms - Anthony Hotson (Thebian Farms), 1.82% RKR

Small farms - Miles Gillespie (Serendipity Farm Company), 1.23% RKR


Best productivity

Large farms - Victoria Thynne (Elanora), 1.28 t/ha SK

Small farms - Tim Zeck and Dru Marshall (Wirrimbi), 1.52 t/ha SK

Best quality

Large farms - Victoria Thynne (Elanora), 1.13% RKR

Small farms - Grahame and Rebekah Elsley (Muddy Feet), 1.55% RKR


Best productivity (saleable kernel t/ha) and best quality (lowest RKR and achieving or exceeding 2022 mature farm (10+ years) industry average productivity of 1.06 t/ha saleable kernel).

Gympie, Glass House Mountains, NRNSW and MNNSW

Small farms = >5 ha to <30 ha

Large farms = >30 ha

Bundaberg and Central Queensland

Small farms = >10 ha to <50 ha

Large farms = >50 ha

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