Cape Byron Distillery goes nuts and releases a macadamia cask whisky

Cape Byron Distillery has launched a world-first - whisky casks seasoned with macadamia and wattle seed liqueur. 

Eddie Brook, Distiller and CEO at Cape Byron Distillery says creating the Mac. Liqueur Cask brought “feelings of nostalgia from growing up with the rich aromas of roasted macadamias wafting through the kitchen.” 

Eddie is the son of macadamia growers Pam and Martin Brook, who founded their retail business ‘Brookfarm’ in the Northern Rivers more than 20 years ago. 

"We’re macadamia farmers first and foremost with a passion for rainforest regeneration,” says Eddy. 

At the heart of Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky is the ‘Brookie’s Mac’ macadamia nut liqueur (a blend infused with flavours of roasted macadamia and wattle-seed) which is aged in whisky casks, previously holding bourbons from esteemed distilleries like Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace.

From there, an aged liqueur called Barrel Aged Mac. is produced, and extra lashings of toasted coconut and vanilla characters are infused into the aged liqueur from these barrels. The seasoned liqueur casks are then used to finish the mature single malt whisky, imparting a distinctive character and unparalleled depth to the final creation.

The result is Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky, with a milk chocolate, cereal sweetness and buttery macadamia palate. 

“We’ve previously seen various fortified wine with a rich sugariness to season casks before, but the influence of liqueur seasoning is a rarity,” says Eddie.

“We thought we would have some fun and see what happens when maturing our macadamia liqueur into casks would do and now, we have something just brilliant!”

Cape Byron Whisky, nestled in the picturesque hinterland of Byron Bay, draws inspiration from the coastal rainforest and macadamia farm surrounding the distillery. Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky is the journey of Brookie's Mac. and the marriage of Cape Byron Whisky. 

“The spirit captures the essence of this Australian terroir in every sip,” says Eddie.

Mac. Liqueur Cask is set to captivate whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike with its harmonious blend of flavours, luxurious milk chocolate aromas, and hints of orange marmalade finish.  

For those eager to experience the unparalleled taste of Mac. Liqueur Cask Whisky, just 550 bottles will be available from 29 April for purchase at select retailers, premium bars and online www.capebyrondistillery.com.

Mac. Liqueur Cask 45% abv 700ml rrp $149.99

Barrel Aged Mac. 30% abv 700ml rrp $85

Brookie’s Mac. Macadamia and Wattle Seed Liqueur 23% abv 700ml rrp $67.99

Watch the video of Eddie Brook introducing Mac. Liqueur Cask on their blog.

Cape Byron Whisky is available online www.capebyrondistillery.com, at the cellar door in Byron Bay, premium bars and independent liquor retailers.

About Cape Byron Distillery:

Highly awarded distillery, located in the hinterland of Byron Bay on a 95-acre macadamia farm and 35-year-old regenerated subtropical rainforest. The Distillery’s cellar door provides guided tours of both the rainforest and distillery with gin & whisky tastings and cocktails, served at the bar and balcony which overlooks the property. Awarded as the 2020 ’Sustainable Distillery of the Year,’ and B Corp certified, they are passionate about rainforest regeneration and minimizing impact on the environment.

About Jim McEwan & Eddie Brook 

Jim McEwan, ‘The Cask Whisperer’, is often referred to as the Bruce Springsteen of the whisky industry. With over 57 years’ experience in the distilling industry, winning countless awards and accolades. Jim is the only distiller in the world to win Master Distiller of the year three times and in 2014 was given a Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award. He truly is a master of his craft. The whisky feature film, The Water of Life chronicling Jim’s incredible distilling career captures some scenes filmed at Cape Byron Distillery a legacy for Jim. 

Eddie Brook grew up regenerating rainforest on his family farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay, where the Distillery now lies. From this upbringing he acquired a passion for native Australian rainforest fruits and flavours. With more than 10 years of experience in the spirit industry and 15 years in the food industry, Eddie has been trained in the art of distillation and mentored by Jim McEwan. 

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