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Australian macadamia growers,

As the 2020 harvest (and financial year) comes to a close, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of NIS to the Macadamia Conservation Trust. 

Your donation will help the Trust continue our vital work of supporting and conserving Australian wild macadamia trees in their native habitat.

Over the past year, the Trust has commenced collection for the Wild Macadamia Arboretum (the largest collection of wild macadamias in the world), worked with local councils and non-governmental organisations to conserve and promote their wild macadamia populations and designed a new website (to be launched soon). 

We were also able to respond to the devastating fires in December 2019 that burnt habitat of the rare Macadamia jansenii. By networking with all involved stakeholders, we have ensured that M. jansenii is included in recovery efforts, and we have applied for funding to complement National Park recovery efforts with work to manage fire and weeds on land adjacent to the park.

With your support, we will continue this important work this year and into the future.

Making a NIS donation is simple. Just attach a clear written statement to your waybill or delivery advice that xxx kgs/tonnes should be paid directly to the MCT account. Your processor should include the words “Donation to Macadamia Conservation Trust ABN 67 554 945 544” on your payment statement for the amount that has been donated. You can use the payment statement if claiming a tax deduction, and the results of your consignment will still be included in your season record. 

If you have any enquiries, please contact MCT Executive Officer Denise Bond on 0427 968 063 or email: Denise.Bond@macadamias.org.

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