Good conservation initiative from Tweed Shire Council

Travelling through the Tweed Shire to collect cuttings for the Wild Macadamia Arboretum, Macadamia Conservation Trust (MCT) committee members have noticed some smart red, yellow and blue markers. A little investigation led the MCT volunteers to the Tweed Shire Roadside Vegetation Management Plan.

Uncleared areas of vegetation along roads are sometimes the last patches of original habitat. Local Councils are increasingly recognising their importance, and it looks like the Tweed Shire is making a special effort to maintain the natural and cultural heritage values of these remnant patches.

The red and yellow markers identify High and Medium Conservation Value management zones, while the Blue markers, which are being deployed for the first time this year, identify Threatened Species and Endangered Ecological Communities.  The marker pictured identifies a population of a dozen or so Macadamia tetraphylla off Urliup road.

Have a look next time you see a blue marker – it maybe an opportunity to see Macadamia tetraphylla in its original habitat.

Visit the Macadamia Conservation Trust website for more information.

Image supplied by Ken Dorey, Macadamia Conservation Trust

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