Industry development manager Leoni Kojetin awarded Nuffield scholarship

Congratulations to our industry development manager Leoni Kojetin who has been awarded a prestigious 2024 Nuffield scholarship.

Leoni is one of twenty-five scholars who will travel the world in the next 12 months, studying topics as diverse as drought resilience, climate change, drones, genetics, machine harvesting and agricultural policy. Scholars hail from across the agricultural landscape, with backgrounds in livestock production, cropping, horticulture, fishing and management, among others.

AMS CEO Clare Hamilton-Bate congratulated Leoni on the scholarship and says it’s also a great opportunity for the Australian macadamia industry.

“The scholarship will allow Leoni to undertake a research study that examines the effects of a changing climate on macadamias, as well as exploring sustainable practices that can provide solutions for Australian growers,” says Ms. Hamilton-Bate.

“Leoni will visit, learn from, and collaborate with some of the world’s leading agricultural businesses and research institutions, and share with our industry the latest intelligence, farming practices and developments.”

Each scholar receives a $35,000 bursary to invest in travel and research. Leoni will visit key macadamia growing origins South Africa, Kenya and Brazil to research innovative solutions for tree crops and agriculture.

Leoni is thrilled to receive the coveted scholarship.

“I’m really looking forward to exploring new, cost-effective, agronomically sound and sustainable practices that can help our industry remain globally competitive,” she says.

The Nuffield research will build on Leoni's day-to-day work with the Australian Macadamia Society, where she leads the industry's national innovation and adoption program, which is focused on building capacity and sustainable outcomes within the industry.

Leoni’s scholarship is supported by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation (RASF).

About Nuffield

Nuffield Australia is the country’s leading agricultural scholarship organisation.  

Nuffield Australia awards scholarships each year to primary producers and people in closely associated industries, to foster personal development and build industry capacity. 

A Nuffield scholarship lets Australian producers interact with leading and innovative businesses across the globe to find ideas and forge connections that improve our food and fibre value chains.

To learn more about Nuffield Australia, visit www.nuffield.com.au or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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