MACAS MADNESS: Australian macadamias show Aussies that they’re the original macas Down Under

Bundaberg macadamia grower Michael ‘Maca’ McMahon has helped launch Australian Macadamias’ exciting new domestic campaign on national TV this morning, calling on all Aussies to join forces in celebrating The Original Macas.

In a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, Australian Macadamias dropped a billboard in front of McDonald’s in St Peters Sydney this morning with the catch phrase ‘We’re the original macas. Down Under for 60 million years.’

Michael stood in front of the billboard while being interviewed by the Today Show crew about why it’s important for Aussies to show support to Aussie growers and buy Australian macadamias. Michael called macadamias the ‘true blue Aussie native food’ and challenged everyone to buy two packets on their way home today.

“They’re good for you, good for the environment and not only that, they taste awesome,” he said.

Our sincere thanks to Michael for doing a ripper job!

You can watch the interview here.

To kick off the campaign, Australian Macadamias has launched a native infused Original Macas menu (The Original Macas Burger and Mylkshake) with Masterchef alumni, Mindy Woods.

Visit the Australian Macadamias website australian-macadamias.org/consumer for the full recipe.

We’ll be posting updates about the campaign on the AMS Facebook page and in the AMS enewsletter. You can also follow the campaign on the Australian Macadamias consumer Facebook and Twitter pages.

Head over to the Australian Macadamias Facebook page to support this campaign and tag your maca mates!


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