Mary Basin water plan – information for macadamia growers

The process to replace the Water Plan (Mary Basin) 2006 has commenced. 

The replacement plan needs to address current and emerging issues within the water plan area in order for the Queensland government to continue the sustainable management of water in the basin.

If you are in SEQ and within the Mary, Burrum, Noosa, Maroochy and Mooloolah River catchments or rely on water from the Baroon Pocket, Cedar Pocket, Lower Mary River, Mary Valley, Teddington Weir or Wide Bay supply schemes, you could be affected by proposed changes to water use and entitlements. 

The draft Basin Water Plan is available for comment up until 5pm on 21 April 2023

Potential impact on macadamia operations

Some key changes which may impact macadamia operations include:

Surface water licences

  • water licence purpose flexibility
  • new water entitlement limits
  • amending hectare-based entitlements to volumetric entitlements with water licences that specify ‘maximum area to be irrigated’ to be converted to a volume at a maximum rate of 6ML per hectare.
  • maximum daily take rates.

Seasonal water assignments (temporary trading of water licences)

  • mandatory water metering
  • trading restricted to existing water management (sub-catchment) areas only.

Draft plan

The draft plan and all supporting documents can be found on the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water website: https://www.rdmw.qld.gov.au/water/consultations-initiatives/mary-basin-water-plan


Submissions can be made online at www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au, by emailing the submission form to waterplanning.mary@rdmw.qld.gov.au or by post to DRDMW Senior Water Officer PO Box 1167 Bundaberg QLD 4670. 

More information

For further information contact waterplanning.mary@rdmw.qld.gov.au or 1800 135 531.

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