MCT1 crop at 2 years: this is what precocious looks like!

Not all MCT1 trees will crop at 2 years, but these trees at Beerburrum have been quite precocious.

Planted by Henry and Jarod Agostinelli at Beerburrum in 2019, this year Jarod carefully hand-harvested the first crop, completing the task in early September with three rounds. The 280 trees yielded an average of 0.273kg per tree with a SKR of 38.4%. Thanks Henry and Jarod for sharing these results.

Scott Allcott kindly shared his production figures for 6000 six-year-old MCT1 growing near Maryborough: 1kg/tree at 4 years, 7kg/tree at 5 years and 11kg NIS/tree at six years. The sixth year yield equals 3486 kg NIS /Hectare. Kernel recovery was 1524 kg/Hectare or 44% KR (10% MC). He reports that the trees are tough, small to medium in growth with a good complexity of tree canopy, and a high kernel recovery.

Meanwhile the oldest MCT1 from their home orchard at Belmac (formerly Warrawee) are going strong. The trees are between 10 and 30 years old, healthy and vigorous but medium to small in scale compared with most commercial varieties. After the first harvest round of 2021, MCT1 on irrigated, shallower soil had an SKR of 45%, while the non-irrigated MCT1 on deeper soil had an SKR of 46.2%. Thanks to Daniel and Belinda Blanco for allowing Ian McConachie to access and share these results.

A total of 208,051 MCT1 trees have been sold as at 13 September 2021.

For more information contact Macadamia Conservation Trust Executive Officer Denise Bond - denise.bond@macadamias.org or visit www.wildmacadamias.org.au

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