National Macadamia Tree Crop Map

Is your orchard on the map? 

The National Macadamia Tree Crop Map was developed under the Multi-scale Monitoring Tools for Managing Australian Tree Crops: Phase 2 research project. This research is supported by Hort Innovation and six Australian industries: avocado, citrus, macadamia, mango, banana and olive.  

About the project 

This project is a collaborative piece of work funded through the Australian Government’s Rural R&D for Profit initiative. The overarching program is continuing the development, trial and extension of technology-based crop mapping and monitoring tools to help growers in predicting fruit quality and yield, and monitoring tree health – including in the early detection of pest and disease outbreaks. 

On a wider, whole-of-sector scale, the program is also further developing the Australian Tree Crop Rapid Response Map, which can be used to assist in biosecurity and disaster response efforts. The map has already been put to work in 2017 with Cyclone Debbie, and during and following the 2019/20 bushfires. 

About the macadamia map 

The Australian macadamia industry’s interactive national map is derived from the Australian tree crop map developed by the Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre in partnership with Hort Innovation and several tree crop industries. The map simply presents the location and extent of all known commercial macadamia orchards that are greater than 1 ha. No personal or commercial information is collected or contained within this data.  

How to use the map 

  • Click on the map to view the summary statistics for area of macadamia orchards by state/territory & LGA 
  • Search the map by place name/address in the 'search' box or use the map pin tool to 'zoom to a growing region'. Locate your orchard and check all details are correct 
  • Click the survey button to check your orchard is there, as well as provide updated information and/or feedback, which will assist the team to update the map 
  • Watch the short video for more tips on how to use the map

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