New macadamia industry award nominations now open

The Australian Macadamia Society is pleased to announce two new industry awards for 2019. The awards will recognise a person who has contributed a new and beneficial industry innovation and an outstanding achievement by a young person (aged under 40 years) relevant to the macadamia industry. The awards aim to encourage our vibrant young industry to continue to grow and develop in an exciting and positive way. 

Macadamia Industry Young Achievers Award

Nominations for this award should outline the following:

a) How the nominee has been actively engaged in the macadamia industry at a level that requires some individual initiative (growing, consulting, research, processing, exporting, marketing & sales, etc) AND/OR

b) How the nominee has actively participated in industry events and shown creativity, innovation and/or leadership in their field AND/OR

c) How the nominee has contributed to improving the industry via: improved production/grower returns/environmental outcomes, cost reduction, or by positively showcasing the industry to the community.

Click here to download the Young Achievers Award nomination form.

Macadamia Industry Innovation Award

Nominations for this award should outline the following:

How the nominee has introduced an innovation, new idea or perspective into the industry.

How the innovation has shown

a) originality

b) ease of adoption

c) benefit to the industry.

Click here to download the Innovation Award nomination form.

Nominations for both awards close Wednesday 31 July 2019.

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