New Macadamia Industry SIAP announced

As part of the Hort Innovation ‘reset & refresh’ initiative, a new Macadamia Strategic Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP) has been established, and met for the first time in early November.

SIAP members were selected through a detailed application, assessment and interview process to ensure a distribution of industry expertise and experience, as well as geographical representation and R&D understanding. Our sincere thanks to all those who expressed interest in SIAP membership, and our congratulations to those appointed to the SIAP.

Operating under the industry agreed guidance of the macadamia industry strategic investment plan (SIP), the SIAP members are entrusted with the Hort Innovation managed consultation process to establish and align grower & industry priorities, review available funds and consider R&D opportunities to deliver strategic investment outcomes.

The establishment of the SIAP is the initial step in the new engagement process established under a collaborative MOU between HIA and the AMS, to ensure improved engagement and communication to all levy payers and wider industry.

A cross disciplinary R&D panel will be formed in early 2024 to provide topic specific information & guidance to the SIAP, and Regional Advisory Panels will also be established in all regions to facilitate the flow of ideas and issues. A levy payer survey will be conducted in late November 2023, inviting input from all levy paying growers to communicate their R&D priorities for review and consideration by the SIAP.  

Detailed information on the SIAP, SIP and levy investment process can be found on the Hort Innovation website here.

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