Nut industry 2030 Vision launched

Nuts for Life has recently launched an exciting initiative – a 2030 Vision for the nut industry. 

The 2030 Vision aims to get more Australians eating a handful of nuts daily, and provides a road map to help our industry get there, together. The goals within this are novel, bold and large-scale – real game changers for the nut industry.

Consistent research tells us of the well-established link between nut consumption and improved health. Despite this, Australians are still not consuming enough nuts, with just two per cent eating the recommended 30g of nuts a day.  

 The 2030 Vision will elevate the prominence of nuts within healthy and environmentally-sustainable diets to, ultimately, get more Australians eating a handful of nuts daily.

And importantly, the Vision will help all sectors of the nut industry to prosper into the future.

By 2030, 10 million Australians will be eating nuts daily, generating an additional $350 million for the Australian nut industry.   

How will we reach our 2030 Vision? 

  1. First up, by boosting the prominence of nuts in the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Nuts are essential for good health – similar to fruit and vegetables. They’ve earned a greater ‘piece of the pie’ – and this should be reflected in the next Dietary Guidelines.
  2. Secondly, by working to gain a high-level health claim for nuts, for use on pack. This would really cement, in the minds of health professionals and the Australian public, just how crucial nuts are for heart health. 
  3. And lastly, by changing labelling policies to reduce the energy (or kilojoule) values on pack, for nuts. Nuts provide our bodies with up to 30% less kilojoules than what’s currently listed on nutrition labels. The existing labelling system is outdated, and we want that to change.

To support this bold advocacy, Nuts for Life will continue to connect with health professionals – sharing the nutrition and health benefits of nuts.

To learn more, access the 2030 Vision Blueprint and Supporting Document from the ‘About’ page of the Nuts for Life website: https://www.nutsforlife.com.au/about/

About Nuts for Life 

Nuts for Life is Australia’s credible voice for the crucial role tree nuts play in good health and nutrition. On behalf of the nut industry, Nuts for Life works closely with health professionals, government, and other bodies to improve the nutritional reputation of nuts.

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