Seed banking research – looking for “Own Choice”

Do you have “Own Choice” growing?

Would you like to be part of this research?

Storing large, oil-rich seeds like macadamias is a challenge for seed banks globally.  The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney is investigating how macadamias can be stored long-term and still successfully germinate post storage.  To do this they need quite a few nuts to test! Last year they tested Own Choice, D4, H2, and Beaumont. 

These are some of the successful seedlings, some of them from nuts which had been frozen for a month at -20°C!  This year they want to investigate what is happening inside the nuts as they freeze and then thaw.

Can you help by providing 400 to 500 fresh nut in husk of the “Own Choice” Variety? The Royal Botanic Gardens will pay for the nuts and postage. 

Please call Denise if you can help: 0488 432 226.

Thanks to NSW DPI Alstonville, Ken Dorey and Yalanga Farm for providing nuts.

Photo credits: (Top right) karen Sommerville, (Bottom) Jolyon Burnett

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