The new way forward for horticulture's RDC

Launched on 1 July 2019, the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 represents a strong new way forward for your grower-owned research and development corporation – and for Australia’s horticulture sector as a whole. It lays out Hort Innovation’s focus, goals and key activities for the next four years, all of which are closely aligned to the industry’s needs, now and into the future.


You can see the new strategy and what it means for you at www.horticulture.com.au/strategy-2019-2023/. Just some of the highlights include…

  • A new focus on extension and adoption – one important change under the strategy is the development of a new Extension & Adoption function. This and other initiatives will be focused on getting practical investment outcomes, resources and knowledge directly to growers.
  • A sustainability framework for horticulture – under the new strategy, Hort Innovation will be building a sustainability framework for Australian horticulture, to help the sector proactively manage emerging issues now and in the future.
  • A sharpened focus on delivering consumer insights and improving the understanding of domestic and international markets – this is all about helping industry influence consumers, and expand and strengthen presence in markets.
  • More collaborative, across-horticulture investments – while this won’t reduce the importance of investing in issues for single industries, Hort Innovation will work to deliver more multi-industry collaboration in RD&E, marketing and trade. This will support more effective and efficient outcomes for growers and the wider horticulture sector.

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 was developed with vital input from growers and other horticulture participants, which was sought through consultation workshops in 20 locations across regional Australia, and via an online feedback mechanism. All up, more than 350 participants contributed to the thinking behind the strategy.

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