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Native bees and macadamias

In this AMS podcast, Leoni Kojetin talks to Alyssa Gooley, a consultant and native bee....

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The use of drop sheets in macadamias

Listen in to find out why understanding exactly what’s in your orchard at a specific....

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What does biodiversity in a macadamia orchard mean?

In this episode, we speak with Alan and Jarrah Coates from Coates Horticulture, a pest....

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Pollination in macadamias – the latest research

In this AMS podcast, AMS industry development manager Leoni Kojetin chats to Helen Wallace, Professor....

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The use of Ethrel in macadamias

In Episode 3 of the AMS podcast, Leoni Kojetin AMS Industry Development Manager, speaks with....

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The interrelationship between nutrient management and irrigation management

Dr. Dan Manson and Dr. Theunis Smit talk with Leoni Kojetin about the interrelationship between....

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Macadamia water use

How much water do macadamias use daily in Summer and Winter? What is the best....

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